What Good Is the Clan Rank System?


What good is the rank system within a clan if it doesn’t affect any privileges the members have? I’m tired of members just being able to dismantle the home I worked hard and took real time to build; whether it’s due to a mistake or clumsiness.

I should be able to dictate who is able to dismantle, access certain chests, and go into certain rooms just by setting their rank.

This is beyond a “TRUST” issue. It’s just silly to not have these parameters set in place by default. There is no way to truly determine who deserves trust or not by having just met and played with a player for the first time. And if a chance is never taken to add a person to the clan - well then what’s the point of having the feature in the game in the first place?

This is simply a matter of Clan founders needing more management control over their own homes, and the players that have decided to join them and decided they’re willing to let them lead them. Please make the rank system and clan management matter. This should have been taken care of by now. There is no excuse for such a long drawn out resolve to a relatively easy and obviously needed feature. Most good MMOs do it.


Yes the clan system need to have a big oppdate in combo whit basebuilding to prevent walling off area and to have some privat areas for every member in a clan,

And its also trust to axept an inv to a clan, the ninjainv, is far to common when you get booted 2 sec after and loose everyyhing you have …

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They started doing this, beginning rank cannot access clan vaults. Don’t know why they didn’t add more.

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The lack of granular clan ranking/permissions has been a huge annoyance for many, especially those coming from Ark and other games which do have better access controls in clan mechanics.
Its been on my wishlist forever to be able to stop more junior (i.e dumb-■■■) clan mates from taking things they shouldn’t or building/destroying things weren’t specifically told to do. I can’t keep count of how many people I’ve had to kick over the months b/c leadership grew tired of having to micro-manage people misusing clan resources or doing unforgivably dumb things that simple permissions could have prevented. Game life would have been so much simpler locking people out of building/demolishing, certain storage, certain doors etc.


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