Clan Ranks Are Currently Useless

Clan ranks are functionally useless. They really need to be reworked.

Who can access doors, chests, and gates, along with building privileges around the clan leader’s building should be assignable by rank.

One solution to access priveleges would be if there was a unique key and lock/ padlock placeable for any gate, door, or chest. Perhaps even with copiable keys that can be distributed to clan members. Perhaps these could simply be made in the casting table, and make use of the already existing key item assets.


I propose that doors, gates, chests, and vaults should have individually context menu assignable access privileges to ranks where you can choose which level of rank can access them individually. Then which rank can build around the clan leader’s builds should be rank assignable as well. This would allow you to place chests in one area that is a common hall, while only allowing higher ranks to go through certain doors to access certain areas or containers.

This would make ranks actually functional and useful compared to their current state, where any new recruit can disassemble or access anything but a vault in your base upon joining.


It has been brought up before I agree it would be useful have had several occasions were it would have prevented alot of grief.


Making new friends has a cost.
Trust is a virtue that it is gained.
In this game of trust failure is an option.
If it didn’t have failure it would worth that much.
Gain trust is gold, preserve it is diamond.
Good luck


This isn’t a realistic view at all. Firstly, trust is a two way street and is earned both ways. Status too, is earned, as well as distinguished character among peers within a group deeming that trust and status worthily given. If the world functioned by your view, no one would lock their doors, need borders, property, currency, laws, militaries, government, or organization with hierarchy. If that’s how they wanted the game to be then they shouldn’t even add ‘clans’ to the game.

This current dynamic of trust you speak of gives an insufficiently balanced favor to those who join a clan and decide to grief, steal, or be sociopathic and lie the entire way through, because they don’t need to prove themselves or even raid in order to gain more open access or trust and can simply join and destroy aimlessly without any reason and without any consequence. It needs to change because it negatively detracts from the foundation of the game in a way that supersedes its gameplay. With improved ranks, it would actually require more skill to leverage social interactions in the way you speak of for personal gain and it would also make those ranks more valuable with more meaning.


Our friend @stelagel has very optimistic view and played with many different people from pve pve-c and pvp so he has a understanding of what happens in game and a understanding that it is just a game. I know that English is not his first language and things don’t always come across as meant.He gave a like to your last post. Have a great day and I wish that rank would work differently than it does myself.


I don’t mind it too much as it is but I think each level should be definable by the clan leader.

Can place/pick-up building parts.
Can place/pick-up placeables and thralls.
Can use crafting benches.
Can lock/unlock lockable items.
Can see inside containers and crafting benches.
Can add/remove items from containers.
Can promote/demote clan member ranking.
Can modify clan message.
Can challenge other clan members.

Letting users do this on a per-clan basis is the only way users will be satisfied. And, of course, it also produces the best result.

Also, I think a rank chevron should precede the clan member’s name in the name string - so members can know who to ask for what and so on. Just a one character symbol is all that’s needed.


Makes sense to me. Hasn’t been a big problem for my wife and I lately we generally play with people we know or on our server. Having played on official with stelagel is like having admin. crazy what he can gather in a short period.


Rank assignable priveleges would definitely be useful. I think it would be important to then also be able to assign which ranks are allowed to use individual, accessible building pieces. One vault accessible to members, one vault accessible to higher ranks, along with doors etc.

With all of those features, it would be that much better if players then also had access to placeable locks so they could lock a personal chest or door for themselves while in a clan. Maybe the lock placement privileges would be ranked according to building priveleges and then the key given to them, or be use-assignable without a key.


Clan ranks have been useless since they got introduced.

Look at Myth of Empires. Such a good implementation. And this game is early access…


The Myth of Empires developers took a lot of inspiration from Conan Exiles and I see no reason why the Conan developers shouldn’t do the same; There are several myth of empires mechanics that I would like to see in conan exiles.

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Myth of Empires probably has the most complex guild system I ever seen. I played at least 10 MMORPGs and nothing compares to MoE put in their game. I can say all games could learn from MoE in their guild system. ESO has almost the same basic system as CE (you get a MOTD, guild symbol, guild bank, guild store and rank system with some minor permissions built into them.) Otherwise. that is it. CE has rank system (although less ranks than ESO), vault (which acts as a guild bank I guess since it locks recruits out) and MOTD.

I will have to ask about GW2 or some other games which I haven’t played (LOTRO, Black Desert Online, FFXIV) but I doubt they will match MoE setup.

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I would post something constructive on this topic, but I spent too many years on the WoW General Discussions post about their broken guild rank permissions thread to contribute anything meaningful. The wound is still too fresh for me…


This Myth of Empires game sounds intriguing. Maybe I’ll check it out…

Myth of Empires Temporarily Delisted from Steam Due to Copyright Claim; Devs Promise Vigorous Defense

Dang it.

Yes, a bit of mess at the moment with Myth of Empires. Great game (some flaws, things to be ironed out) overall. Best guild system I ever seen in any game.

At the moment, game is on stand still (no new game sales) but patches still are being released.

And private servers had to moved since server hosts are closing the servers down (dealing with that issue today).

So not only have to test various mods to see which ones need to be updated for Conan Exiles. now I have to deal with my MoE server has to be reset up on my computer temporarily. A rough week this week is.

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