Clans teleporter

Somehow an enemy clan was able to turn on our teleporter and teleport right into our base. The second they did that our entire base was decayed to nothing…ive spoken to other people about this happening to them…please fix this

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When I first saw the teleporter, my first thought was “this looks like a great tool to infiltrate enemy bases”


We started dismantling our teleporter everyday now…

But why did you put your teleporter inside your base?! All of them are public and it’s not a secret for anyone. Put it outside from your defence lines and kill enemies coming from it while they are tainted with corruption.


When I read title I thought what was the clan hacking teleport for or with … axe, clever then read info​:laughing: but is there a way to put it in a small room boxed in an no way to get out just throw 5 or 6 thrall’s with good aoe weapons so they have no where to run unless you on pve in which case box them in with no thrall’s unless you have fan emote then place them on that when teleport to fell more welcome to………:skull:


Anyone with the knowledge and materials can turn on teleporters.

It’s not a hack and is intended.


And its perfect on private servers to build “dungeons” for players :slight_smile:

It’s intended. Teleporters should have a risk.

You should turn off your main one. Fob ones cant see a trurned off one. Or dont put teleporter inside any real base, but as an exterior hut.


Its a good plan but i think the sendond they enter the base it decayed somehow. Then they built where we were and took our spot. I think theyre hacking or something.

They were turned off. They turned it on somehow

50 Brimstone and 3 Sacrificial Blood can be used to ignite them and turn them on. Anyone with the knowledge can do this. Even if they didn’t place it.

You need a mod to lock these. They aren’t intended to be locked normally.


I thought they were locked. Why does it say ignite clan

Because anyone can ignite any TP for his/her clan I think. Your problem is not a teleporter but a sudden decay of your base. Was it abandoned for a long time? If it was then anyone passing by would trigger decay. Once I saw such base falling apart when I came near it. It was a pity but not my fault, it’s a game mechanics. If base wasn’t abandoned then you should write a ticket about hackers “decaying” your base.

Let’s see if I got this right.

I play PVE.
I have a friend (he is in another clan).

If I put 3 sacrificial blood and 50 brimstones I can ignite his teleporter and use MINE (ignited as well) to teleport to his base ?

Or I can just ignite his teleporter but always have to use his ones ?

Looks like ignition of another one’s teleporter adds it to YOUR teleporter network. So yes you’ll travel to his base and he will travel to your base with this one teleporter standing inside his landclaim. If he builds another one and ignites it himself he’ll have another separate network to travel not including the first one.

This makes no sense whatsoever

If there was a “public” version of the “ignite (clan)” ritual, then we would see that, “ignite (public)”. For now, these things can go into a nearby hybrid base.

You’re turning off the wrong ones. Turn off your base but keep the others active. Your base location stone will be removed from selection and they just travel around in circles.

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Does the log say how buildings were lost?