Specific Locks On The Teleportation

Hello Funcom

About the location stones on sorcery 's Teleporter, I have a suggestion in the form of a question.

What if a owner of a Teleporter had the ability to which location stone to lock and which to leave open?

For example for safety against griefers and game exploiters, the owner could keep the location stone of his base locked in the Teleporter while leaving other stones open to assist players ( non clan) to teleport any time.


Or just make the teleporter extremely dicey to use for non clan members. I dunno, maybe it could turn them inside out, then make them explode, like in Galaxy Quest.

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For Clan members the locked teleport stones to be accessible and and for non clan members unaccessible.

Also my apologies for the confusion.

I think that was the intention. The option “Ignite (clan)”… makes it seem like it is locked down for the clan only. It keeps it open to anyone, however. HTTP error: (one that all new programmers must know by now):

501 Not Implemented

Place your teleporter in the open

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