Unlock Transportory Stone in PvE/ PvE-C for anyone

At the moment, Transportory Stones are handled as containers, meaning they are “protected” from outside clan use.

I think they should be usable by anyone able to get to them in PvE Modes, as they cannot do any harm there (the one single exception is being unconcious next to it in pvp hours on pve-c). If you REALLY don’t want people to use your stone, you can just wall it.

They prove insanely useful for obvious reasons and its a shame nobody but me and my clan can use our stones, especially since that is possible in pvp.

Besides, Its not a problem yet but i predict every pve mode server getting littered in mini bases with a transportory stone on top in some time from now, because they reduce travel time between anywhere to virtually zero and there is no real downside, they are cheap and you cannot destroy them.

Anyone can use your Transportory Stone as long as you leave it “on.” You can activate it and leave it activated forever, while activated anyone can use it (in PvE).

Yea teleporter can be used by evryone ive you let them open

You don’t use a teleporter by interacting with the base structure of it
You walk into the center and interact with one of the floating stones that appears when you do
Most people talking about teleporters not being able to be used by people who don’t own them just don’t know how they work
Anyone can use it as long as the owner didn’t close it inside a building people can’t get into

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They work just fine for outsiders, though. Of course they can only go to the locations your stone connects to, not their own (if any) as that’d be impossible to control (hundreds of those little stones inside…).

Yeah that’s a valid concern in any case, there’s a limit to how close together they can be built, but still. There’s precious little incentive to cooperate in this game (unfortunately), and people generally will want to “be their own king” (which is understandable).

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I see, great to be wrong about this.

I did try to interact with it like Eniguman said, before i went into SP and noticed the lil Stones. I just went on the Server and checked with both Teleporters i tried before, and neither has stones. I guess they just didn’t ignite a second one yet, woops

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I wish we could control which transportory stones are connected to which. That would allow me to build a public transportory network for other people without giving them access to the transportory stones inside my base.

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Build the public network so that one transporter is close to an obelisk, and then rather than a transportory stone, have a map room in your own base.

Won’t help on Siptah, of course.

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