Can we get a limit on transportory stones?

I have 2 transportory stones. Wouldn’t want to abuse the building mechanic so building a third would probably be my self imposed limit. I understand that everyone has need of this new mechanic, but
some players think they run a public service and start spamming useless transportory stones all over the map.

19 portals from a single player.
We need to have a limit on these things, really.


Considering the inherent danger in them: enemy players can use them to enter your base -
And that you take a major debuff when you use them yourself - I think they are ok.


That only applies on a PvP server. On PvE there’s no drawback to just spamming them.

I am astounded they implemented these things with no limit on them, configurable or otherwise.


The PvE element is no different than spam building or purposely slowing down the server with high memory placeables. Report them.


Just like theres no drawback to spamming anything on a pve server. Honestly, the existence of pve servers is a mistake if you ask me. There should just be a sologame and pvp.

I’ll agree that trying to fit that many play styles into the same client and the same largely unregulated ruleset is… questionable.

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Siptah server i’m on has ~35 of the things spread between the 3 major clans.
Smaller clans and individual players add a couple dozen more.

I’d welcome a limit on them.



Now you got my attention. I know you think since you play PVP everyone else must and PVE is a minority. but I have bad news for you.


Funny, I think the existence of PvP servers is a mistake. Guess that leaves us absolutely no where.

When I heard they introduced the teleport stones, I wrongly assumed you could have two and they would just work off each other. I have not personally seen crazy spam, but can see the potential for abuse. So maybe a limit in the future may be called for. I do like that having multiple allows more feasible base access for remote locations.


The existence of servers is a mistake. The vast majority of unhappiness is caused by other people playing in the same sandbox. Either they built where I wanted to build, or they blocked the resource I wanted to harvest, or they broke into my base and stole my stuff and killed my thralls. When I do that to them it’s fine because I’m the most important person on the server - nay, I’m the only person who needs to be considered a person whereas the others are just there to serve my amusement. Me me me!

Or that’s what I see on the forums. A collection of self-centered people trying to fit into the same playground. That’s why Single-Player is the only proper way to play - because then you really are the most important person on your server, with no need to consider the needs of other players.


True, especially in official servers!
Define a number that you think is correct and analyze it please!

Well, that’s why me and some friend are not playing on official anymore, we have our own server… for now, its about to become expensive with the new battlepass and bazaar…

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I mitigated this danger by building them in sandstone portions and placing bombs around them inside raid time.

Enemy blows the door > triggers the bombs, no more teleporter.

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It seems to me the problem is not too many teleport stones. Rather too many bases.
In a previous server, my clan had a mega base and several smaller bases with a map room at every faction capital.
On this new playthrough, we have 1 main base at Assgarden and portals on a round 18 foundation base where we need them to be.
I would think this to be less stress on the server.
I’m not in favour of building limits generally. The teleport stone seems to me to be a way for players to have access to all the map quickly without having to over build.


Yeah, 19 is excessive.

However, I really wouldn’t want to see a hard limit on these. Rather, make the LOC tainted debuff from them depend on the number of nodes in the network. The more nodes, the higher the debuff and/or the longer it lasts.

Or, as others suggested, don’t put any in-game limit on them and let server moderation take care of it. Of course, there are problems with server moderation in general that need to be addressed eventually, but that’s a completely different topic.

That might be true, too. There’s a fresh discussion about that.


Oh I don’t know. I think with enough creativity you can make them hazardous on a PvE server as well :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t even see why they should exist on exile lands with obelisks, and infact why not just implement static points in siptah.

Loot hopping is going to make big clans even more impossible to raid (bestial escape is at least one place, and map room is large also obelisk exposed) once they portal and destroy teleport you then have 18 stones to guess on, hope none are trap bases with spikes explosive traps and bombs or you lose a gearset and possibly bombs each time.

feels like its a feature that is once again “cool” but has little thought into how its mechanics effects things.

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Probably because people kept asking for it ad nauseam? I don’t mind that they added this feature, but it does make me wonder if they thought about the entirely foreseeable consequences of adding it :slight_smile:

At any rate, it’s too late to put that genie back in its bottle. They’re not going to remove it from the game, so the only thing we can do is argue about what, if anything, should be done about it. :man_shrugging:

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Personally, I’m going to use 3 at most since I have a main base and 2 outposts. For me, it makes no sense to have more, but I’m also playing solo.

I’m probably going to stick with 1 connection in PVP and 3 in PVE. The reason for only 1 in PVP is because they are in a network and I can’t control access as easily if there are more than one connection. I got the crafting and entrance area along with the storage area elsewhere…adding more to that means more connections that limit the defenses built in the entrance/crafting area unless massive adjustments are made.