5 Ideas to Improve the Game

  1. Allow members to “lock in” a single agreed-upon clan maproom teleport choice, but only one.
    Rationale: Obelisk travel is cumbersome and there should be a definite perk for placing a maproom, especially when you provide it for your server mates to use. Walking everywhere takes up a lot of play time, time better spent having fun.

  2. Other than the unique items to be had, PVE server players have ZERO perks for maxing a shrine and placing a T4 priest. Design some player or thrall buff that would enhance gameplay. OR have maxed out shrines produce a material that allows players to re-assign armor resistances so that we can wear the style we like and get the armor resistance/buff of our choice!

  3. If not from maxed out shrines with T4 priests, revamp the armor system or enable a costume system as found in many other MMOs. (The armor system is way too limited in concept.)

  4. Thralls: on the Follower list, give us a “Follow” command, so that when our placed thralls are stuck in the architecture we can pull them out. My T4 dancer is currently stuck inside my Mitra Shrine because I tried to place her at the very top–please FREE LUBA THE LUSCIOUS! (or ■■■■■, if you prefer)

  5. Finally, two architectural style improvements: a) Add a Starmetal Blue style! it would be lovely!
    b) Give us architectural style elevator choices–the current style looks hideous with my sophisticated Aquilonian style.



Regarding idea #4: can’t you use the “rescue” command on your Luba?


No, because she is already on my base, she cannot be rescued. Lame eh?

Destroy the mitra shrine?

Wait, what? Are you sure? Have you tried? Because that doesn’t make any sense – one of the reasons why they implemented rescue is for followers that are stuck in a mesh. If rescue doesn’t work, that needs to be reported as a bug.

I have rescued a thrall that was in base…literally in base lol. So possible bug on the OP’s end.

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Tried it but the system wouldn’t let me rescue her. I’ll report it as a bug then, ty.

After yesterday’s patch, I was able to rescue her but with zero items of course (she lost her legendary daggers, cry)

Update: After yesterday’s patch, I was able to use the RESCUE command and get her out without destroying the shrine. She lost her legendary daggers though, of course.

Cumbersome? You stand there and press send. How is that cumbersome? Do you mean something else? There’s definitely no difficulty in using a maproom.
As for a perk, there is a perk for placing a maproom. You have to learn how to make them.

If you’re providing them for everyone to use, I’m not seeing your point at all. Just put one down and have a nice day. On PVP you don’t place maprooms down just ■■■■■-nilly for everyone to use. This gives an advantage to your enemies and makes farming (everything) quicker. Even for people you don’t want to have that ability.

Lastly, the walking everywhere…It’s a world, not a room. You should have to walk or ride from location to location. If it were up to me, there wouldn’t even be maprooms. I think they break the immersion of the game. Well, in a game without magic.

I would get rid of map rooms and create a potion like Jebal Sags… You’d have a connected staff that you could place somewhere and drinking the potion would teleport you there.

LOVE this idea. We could use this on PVP too. IMHO, Armor should be blank. What matters is the lining. Maxed out shrines are a death light on PVP servers. If we see one that is not an allied clan, even without Avatar, they are a target. Oh and thanks for telling me where your base is. LOL. T3 altars = bad idea…(for the clan, not the game itself)

I disagree that it’s limited. I think it’s just set up wrong. You have it right IMO, that the linings should dictate it’s abilities (ie; temp and perks)…Well, I guess maybe you’re right. Currently, I guess that does make it pretty limited. For example, the new Argossian Armor…I like it. Buuut…I can’t use it in my base or I’d die of frostbite. It would be totally awesome to be able to craft new linings that would make it so that I was cold resistant and gave me bonuses for X.

This was done as of yesterday’s update. Which I’m sure you know about already.

Both great ideas. I would love to see some type of star metal building pieces. Star metal anything looks pretty badass. It might not be the best weapons for a given situation but they always look awesome…Same with venom infused. They look cool as hell.

Elevators. Agreed. IMHO, they should be included with each building style. Same thing with draw bridges.

Good post with some good ideas. Hope they don’t fall on deaf ears.

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So much agree with this. Removes part of the tactical or strategic though process of where to build. PVE or PVP. In PVE, there is no cons to building anywhere, because you can port instantly from base to any region. For PVP it only makes rading even easier, as load up on Bombs, port to where ever enemy is, run for < 1 minute, and you are raiding. IF you had to run from your base in the jungle with 300 explosives to the enemies base in the snow, it would add so much. Yes you could build a FOB and pre- carry before raid time. But now you have given your enemy a target and will have to defend it and give up the element of surprise.


Hmmm…yep, I can see how maproom-to-maproom travel might be a problem on PvP servers. So maybe limit this feature to the PvE servers.

We really need diferent styles of elevators and drawbridges, More meaningful religion upgrades and vanity slots at least to hide helmets.

But i’m one that believes that Maprooms should have never existed in the first place, so i will leave it at that.


salut je débute sur le jeu et jaimerais savoir si il existe un générateur de carte procédural ou si il yen a un qui est prévu merci

I’m sorry, I don’t speak French fluently…

Non, les développeurs ont déclaré qu’un générateur de cartes procédurales dépassait les capacités du moteur de jeu et les besoins multiplateformes
rien n’est prévu

And that’s good. In PVE and PVE-C game modes, there is nothing you can do about something someone else built. Map rooms and obelisks help level the playground somewhat.

Building strategically makes all the sense when there’s a need for strategy. But PVE isn’t competitive, so involving strategy in the building process is simply a way to give incumbents an unfair advantage for being there first, without any way to affect that or compensate for it.

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But when the game is survival, you would expect a player to have to make a choice. With quick travel, there really is no choice, everything is at “arms length” away. The game literally hand holds to be more of a building simulator on PVE. I was just agreeing with the OP how fast travel is counter intuitive to a game classified as survival.

You say PVE isn’t competitive, but a true survival PVE game would have you competing within yourself. What does one prioritize as need vs want? Being able to jump in seconds from southern most part of map, to the top area defeats any need to make those choices, and makes every resource in theory in your “backyard”.

To be brutally honest, there’s a difference between the game being marketed as a survival game and the game actually being a survival game. I’m not really disagreeing with you about what the game should be, but rather about what the game is and how people play it.

I admit that my experience with survival games is limited to playing Conan Exiles, Don’t Starve, Minecraft and Terraria, and that whatever I know about games like Ark, 7 Days to Die and Rust comes from reading, not playing them.

That said, I expect a survival game to constantly challenge me to survive. Out of all the survival games I’ve played, Conan Exiles is by far the easiest in that sense. Compared to Don’t Starve, it’s a walk in the park. Even Terraria makes you work harder and kills you more than Conan Exiles. Of the games I listed, I think it would be fair to say that Conan Exiles is basically Minecraft, but with better graphics and much more grinding.

So yeah, “building simulator” is pretty much what it comes down to in PVE. And although fast travel is one of the gameplay mechanics that work against the whole “survival” concept, it’s really not the biggest problem, by far.

I would consider PVE Conan Exiles to be an “honest” survival game if it 1) was more challenging, 2) had a solid difficulty progression, and 3) had an endgame that kept you reasonably on your toes. But then guess what would happen? It wouldn’t be much of a sandbox game anymore and you would have tons of complaints from people who care more about the sandbox aspect than the survival aspect.

It boils down to Conan Exiles wanted to be a little bit of everything for everyone. When you go for being a little bit of everything, it’s almost impossible to excel at anything.


I just feel that the game would benefit more (both PVP and PVE) by actually making people travel the map, and live in it so to speak. It would create organic kingdoms by where one builds, the neighbors they keep, etc. The game does try to hard to make the entire map available for everyone on the online servers, that it totally negates any of the regional clans/cultures that is a hallmark and basis for many of the nuanced differences of Conan’s world.