Can we get a limit on transportory stones?

I think this should be configurable in the server settings.
After that they could set a fairly low limit to prevent spam. I would probably limit it to 3 per clan as that is enough to cover most of the map in a “per biome” fashion.
However making them configurable also means they would have a chance to experiment and make allowances at first, maybe start off with 5 and gradually reduce them if people aren’t behaving.

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On officials i think they are not connecting other players stones, i had not crafted one for my own but i used from other players and seens that just their stones was connected. Also i noticed a player that was able to name his locations. I would like to see a limit for it because if someone can abuse the mechanics they will.

I was a bit surprised they did not have a limit, but have not seen any major abuse of them on my server at least.
I actually love them, and rarely use my horse anymore. I currently have three, which is what I thought the limit should be.
The only thing I hate is the flame graphics, it causes major lag when I port to another stone.
2022-10-03 17_40_15-ConanSandbox (64-bit, PCD3D_SM5)


Lucky is your server for having a more health community, here on my server there are a group of trolls that exploit what they can, recently they discovered mass reporting, dupping is they actual ocuppation, and one of them are testing the ilusory avatar sorcery to lure player guarding thralls away from their claim to trap them. I had to put all mine inside the base that had to be a one small block base to not get reported again.

That is why I quit playing PVP in CE, it never ends.


Yeah. Starts to get difficult to use too, with a veritable asteroid belt floating around the platform. Why would anyone need so many? The obelisk network already covers a pretty good area, so the only need for transportory stones is at places that are far from obelisks but that have rare or otherwise hard-to-get resources. And if you plan the placement of those teleporter platforms in advance, you don’t necessarily need a separate portal fo each location.


What? Sloppy planning leads to excessive building? No say it ain’t so.

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Everyone on our server has their stones inside their bases, or in small buildings. The inherent problems of open stones were quite apparent, and it seems our server took note. I have only seen one player with transport stones in the open, and he only has two.

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1 clan on the server I play on has tons of huts set up with the teleport pads.
Big bases are not allowed… but this is way worse.

This place able isn’t really useful on official servers… you’re not even allowed to build that much.

I have even better one, I think existence of the game is a mistake.

Yesterday I connected on 3740 that I preserve a toon and a horse there. The whole part of jungle was full of tp stones, not a single map room :confused:. On exile lands in my opinion you need just one teleport stone, somewhere between new Asgard and Den. These 2 major camps are a bit far from the obelisks and the bridge needs “more” to pass.
On the other hand you can make it even faster and farm this, finish, farm the other and always pick up your tp stone.
In Siptah however you need at least 3 outposts , you have no other way to fast travel.

I wish they add obelisk stones and a maproom for Siptah. It would be the final touch to an awesome map.


This :point_up_2:.

By the way the only vital solution I see with teleport stone is to be bound with a number of building pieces.
500 for example. This way a player can have maximum 3 bases in a map and he - she has to be really careful for the building rules.
If the guy in your server has 19 maps but free to use, use them and fix none for you :man_shrugging:.
But I think 5 per clan is a good limit. Again however, like @CodeMage I am against number limitations, people should play more responsible in the free servers.

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PvP in Conan is self defeating.

Spend weeks gathering resources so that someone can offline raid you and take all your stuff.

Nobody plays PvP unless they like stealing and destroying other peoples stuff.

It’s the definition of a toxic gamer.

Not a good environment to retain players, unless you are retaining the kind of players that make it hard to retain players… -.-

Also, regarding the OP.

Yes, generously limit the number of Transport Stones.

5 would be enough. 10 would be way too generous. But in that image I think I counted 13+ on one side of the portal.

It IS getting ridiculous.


I’d probably say seven though five would be plenty for me personally.

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I play PVP because it’s less lag intensive than PVE servers. I also play PVP because there’s actual risk vs reward involved. I don’t usually go on the offensive unless I’ve been hit first, but a solo life on PVP servers isn’t too bad.

A limit on transport stones sounds like a good idea. I can’t think of a reason to have more than 4 or 5 of them, even on Siptah.


Maybe a limit we can choose in the admin panel when we have our own server :slight_smile:

I like the way it work atm, but if they have to limit it, I propose it may be a choice by admins…

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I’d say 4 for the individual player (1 for each of the cardinal directions) and 5 for clans, with a 6th being available to a clan with over five members.

An additional problem with the stones is that they essentially remove the travel aspect of the game by being placeable pretty much anywhere, compared to the obelisks which have fixed points on the map.


I have a recently been responsible for the closing of 2 different threads, so I will keep this brief and positive.

I love the direction of this thread. I would like to add my support for the suggestion of 5 transpository stones per clan, for reasons most recently pointed out by both @Azazane and @Rekt.

That’s it, I shut up now. (please don’t close/hide this thread powers invisible.)…
(slowly sinks down behind nearby shrubbery)


I personally think 5 is a fine limit
I’ve been coming across clans with 10-20+ on the servers I play on and it seems so excessive
It doesn’t help that the people putting up that many also tend to be the type that build excessively anyway so now they feel this is incentive to build even more and hog up more space on the servers

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