Teleport Stone change suggestion

Due to the fact that these things are over the top on a strategic level (love them for that but it’s just too much) I would like to limit their use in the following ways

  1. You have to be 40% corrupted to even use the teleporters. Like advanced spells, these otherworldly devices won’t activate for mere mortals but only those that have a touch of their native energies.
  2. Active teleporting shows up on the map as blips that last 2-3 seconds. This doesn’t have immediate issues as there is no way someone can make it to your spot in time but it does reveal location.



So what happens when I teleport to my base on the edge of the map at Pirates Bay? I already get 70% corruption doing it, would I just die?

Here are my thoughts, stop trying to fix things that are not broken.


You logistics system needs revamped then. Map rooms should do large jumps why teleporters do jumps within 3 squares. If you do short jumps with teleporting, your corruption gain is negligible that a t1 dancer can remove within seconds.

After played with them in various PvP and PvE settings, they are definitely Meta.

Is this true? I was under the impression that LOC Taint debuff magnitude (i.e. how tainted you are) is a function of teleportation distance, but that the debuff duration isn’t. Did I get that wrong?

Hard pass to this. As JJ pointed out, LOC Taint already sucks enough. On top of that, it’s entirely pointless. If you’re chasing someone and they managed to escape by porting, it’s already too late to catch them and the LOC Taint doesn’t help with that.

Look, I’ve seen PVP complaints about teleportation even before transportory stones were introduced, and it’s the exact same thing: if your quarry teleported, you lost them. No, you can’t cover all 10 obelisks and the Midnight Grove, unless you have a big inter-clan alliance, in which case the dude you’re chasing is already neck-deep in shіt.

So my knee-jerk reaction is “hey, how about not letting people escape by teleporting”, but I don’t want to be a dick, so let’s try to offer an alternative solution.

How about this: introduce a server setting that controls whether people can fast-travel while overencumbered, and set it to “hell no, they can’t” on PVP servers? That way you don’t have to make transportory stones universally shіtty.

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Well…that’s the reality of it. Within a grid, seconds. Nearly across the map,2 minutes Now whether or not it’s the intent…I believe it is but I have been wrong before

Just imho, I am fine with how teleporters are here and now, but for the sake of discussion, some ideas:

  1. I wouldn’t be against a longer duration of the corruption debuff to make it so you can’t just back and forth on a whim. Or make it so you simply can’t teleport if you are overly corrupted/affected by the debuff.

  2. Perhaps an alternative is to make obelisks also be able to teleport between each other, perhaps via a consumable key item.

  3. Or, alternatively, require knowledge to make the teleporters to simply USE them, or have them require a spell component pouch to travel? The requirements to make them is easy, but getting to that level of sorcery is a bit of effort that should be rewarded with convenience. The other guy in your clan…maybe not so much.

  1. Nope, do not need to be 40% for those, why so much inconveniences? Its already gives big debuffs.
  2. Not necessary.

You know what would be really cool (balance and lorewise?)

1 Unwanted guests.
Active portals spawn (more time active -more chance to spawn) SINGLE random hostile creature (like imps, demons from the abyss, storm creatures, corrupted versions of animals and etc.).
It hostile to the players, thralls, npcs, but cant deal damage to any structures.
So, if you constantly leave your portal active, lock some doors or prepare guards for unwanted visitors from the other side.
Imagine logging after a while and find your portal room being occupied by some 1 skull monster. Ofc you need to kill it + harvest for loot.
2 Portal malfunction.
If you abusing portals to much it can teleports you away. It happened with me while testing stuff in single player. My teleport just throw me (in real time) without loading screen through the map flying from my base (galeon) to the jungle (lol) and smash my body to the rocks (survived).
For some reasons it looked so cool =D and authentic.

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Only change needed to the teleporters is removing the LOC debuff completely from PvE and PvE-C servers. We do not need them.

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  1. Please add a limit on official servers

No. :laughing:
Transportory stones are perfect the way they are. I think Funcom nailed this one.
The debuff, the debuff timer, what you can do with it, that it can be switched on and off, etc. It brings a lot to the game with these features. I wouldn’t touch them.


Per clan. Totally reasonable.

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Well, I kind of like it. It makes dancers relevant. I also makes you think twice before using them. Otherwise they would be just like admin teleport in sp mode.

We have 2 clans on our server that use like 20 of these teleporters around the map, its wasted space en keeps other players from building on these locations

So yeah on official server it would be nice to limit them a but :stuck_out_tongue:


I find it really odd they didn’t implement it from the start. Eventually this will happen. 10 is more than enough. This would make people place them strategically and doesn’t turn maprooms and pillars completely irrelevant.

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I didn’t say remove the corruption aspect completely. I’m perfectly fine with teleporting causing corruption.

The debuff makes dancers near useless until the debuff wears off, because there is an amount of corruption that cannot be cleansed at all until that timer runs out.

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It still helps. You remove most of it it until the LOC taint passes. There’s some light corruption that you can only remove after, but it helps a lot removing the excess meanwhile, since you can corrupt the whole bars by using transportory stones. Then they remove the rest fast.

I’m aware of the mechanic. I’m still of the opinion that the actual debuff adds nothing interesting or useful to the game. With PvE/C it’s akin to waiting for lives to refill so you can play the next level.

Dancers have already had their utility increased tremendously. Random thought, maybe they can work it in a way where T4 dancers drop the debuff quicker. At present time I’m unaware of much benefit between a T3 and T4 dancer in terms of corruption removal. And I can farm T3 dancers all day in Sepermeru.

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I saw your point, @Tuffman because when I used it for the 1st time I was like wtf? (I wanted to clear the warmaker asap). But when I’ve started getting stuck there for a little while each travel, I came to appreciate the pause. You don’t just hop around the map like crazy because of the penality. But I get you. I wouldn’t mind having it your way. Maybe a t4 dancer could override the LOC taint. Maybe non purge t4 dancers could have nice boobs too, but that’s a different subject, I guess…
Probably we won’t get any of our wishes fulfilled. :smile:

It has solution to both maps!
Exile lands, carry the hammer
Siptah, carry void forge sword

I do agree with JJ, the mechanic is fine. What is not fine is…

  1. Official servers need limits*
  2. We need to stop crushing when using them :man_shrugging:.
  • official servers Already have building limits. Placing too many of those is spam so you can be reported and banned. Don’t forget the conversation we had for map rooms about a year ago. I cannot understand why we have a conversation about 20 tp stones of not having issues and 3 map rooms had!!!
    It’s a spam and it already has rules.
    So what I mean above is that it’s best to create a specific rule or a cap in official servers because players are not to be trusted, if you let them free they do as they wish and care not for others! They crush the servers doing bull… t and then it’s on Funcom, or g portal, or anybody else except them! Without meaning ofcurce that Funcom, or g portal are innocent!
    Anyway, I derailed a lot, my apologies @erjoh, but I see other priorities for these stones before making them different!
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I was able to move my base with the tp stone. I don’t see where the problem is… to some higher degree…