The Loc teleportation Debuff is pointless and should be removed

it hampers your gameplay for 5 minutes of just standing around waiting for it to go + time to strip corruption with dancer.

now this could be a balance idea but worst of all it doesn’t work.

I have taken to just Log off and it strips the debuff and log back in as it is faster, this debuff is adding nothing to gameplay and I expect this will be what people do in the future, just log out log back in drink a cleansing brew or something.


Logging out removes the debuff? Sounds like a bug report is in order.


logging out removes any buff, always has.

when its an established known practice of the game since the start I am not sure its a bug, perhaps the using of debuffs in this system is the issue?

but regardless its not a great system that just stops you from playing for 5 minutes (I literally couldn’t jump up once from a foundation) and it is easily circumvented/mitigated with standard debuff mechanics.

The reason why say this was never done for the alcohol debuff is people actually got something positive off the buff bar, and logging would strip everything it has actually been historically quite annoying that logging out strips buffs when the server crashes etc.

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It stayed on servers. You just had them not visible anymore in your UI.

Yes, then you lose your buffs. Only when the server crashes.

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Nope was official, wasn’t in my stats either and I seemed to be able to heal straight away with dancers (with 99 loc corruption debuff couldnt before really)

but ill try it again to make sure, might make some cleansing brews to really test it, you might need some short time between relogging but definitely not the length of the debuff.

Okay, what I meant were buffs. They usually stayed after a disconnect. Because the buff state is saved on the server for each player.

Then it is actually a bug or even an exploit.

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While I get why they added it, I agree it is pointless. Everyone not playing a Sorcerer just waits on it.

Before 3.0 I could have logged out/in to remove it, but now it takes 5 minutes just to log in.

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okay clarification havent tried cleansing brew yet however, I cant clear any corruption at 99loc, I relog, I can clear some of the corruption via a dancer I couldnt before, however the bulk comes off around the 5 minute mark.

lol no.

People asking removal of intentional drawbacks always make me chuckle. Just gotta eat all the cakes and not get tummyache either.

It doesn’t need to be removed, but it’s definitely pointless. I really don’t see how it presents you with a meaningful choice, which is what gameplay tradeoffs are supposed to be about. :man_shrugging:


I agree, and I personally hate time gates, cant run, climb do anything much with it active.

its very much an old style of game design (battlefatigue in the MMO swg for instance)

I would rather the teleporter itself have a cooldown gating me from further travel then my character be time gated from play like that.

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Yeah, it really is pointless eh. I vote they keep the normal corruption from a teleport, and LoC Taint changes so it causes heavy damage if you TP again, to the point of killing you if you’ve enough or are weak.

Ugh no thanks, at least the current systems only brings me to the brink of death, worst case.

I see physical harm as an expected consequence of rapidly warping yourself all over the place with magic, especially demonic magic. It’d serve the same purpose as it does on live as well, to discourage rapid consecutive warps, but the option is there if you are desperate, stupid or lazy.

Do you have an other suggestions? Theres definitely many other ways to redesign LoC Taint.

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