LOC Tainted Information

Hello Exiles

So about the new LOC Tainted debuff…

I can confirm that travelling via the teleport station to another base will trigger the LOC Tainted debuff. This means that your corruption will not be able to be healed for about 5 mins.

Now onto something interesting…

While you have to debuff active, if you teleport again, you will receive a 99 multiplier that removes all your health and all your stamina, completely gone. You can still run, but only for a moment then you stop.

Interestingly, I was overencumbered at the time, when I received the 99 multiplier I was able to move at full speed while overencumbered. Obviously overlooked by Funcom.


It’s based on how far apart the teleporters are
With most of mine I have to teleport 5 or 6 times to hit 99

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Same thing happened to me, I received 99 TOC Tainted after just one teleport, but I went from one side of the map to the other in just one teleport.

I don’t know what this means.

Any thoughts?

That how it works yes, also mages who are corrupted can travel less times ( for me its 3-4 x) and then i have 1 HP and 0 stamina for like 5-10 min ( while loc active…) kinda like this debuff but they could make it longer… :smiley: atleast looters not using ports so much because one died already like that :smiley:

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