Teleporting is bad

I know you guys have put effort into the teleport table, but here’s my pitch…please bare with me.

First and foremost, teleportation is lazy. Players do not need quick transportation in this game. I understand you’re trying to make up for the fact that the Unreal engine doesn’t allow us to have mounts, but teleportation is a terrible idea! It isn’t in lore, it surely isn’t common, and it defeats the entire idea of player immersion.

The map is big, yes. It’s getting bigger, yes. We do thank you for that, by the way. Unfortunately, no matter how you crack it, teleportation makes the map SMALLER. The world is big, and travelling is arduous. Players should feel that way! Its a survival game, the very fundamental idea is to deal with such REAL struggles.

With mounts being out of the picture (and by the way, you don’t have to make it up to us by giving us teleport…its NOT YOUR FAULT), taming animals is still on the table. Taming animals like pack mules to move items over long distances is a great addition, and sticks with lore.

As part of a gracious and caring community, yes I’m upset we cant have mounts. It’s okay, because its outside of the realm of developer control. That’s completely fine. Please don’t do the same thing every other game does to solve the player complaint of LAZINESS. The game is challenging. Distance is one of those challenges. Adapt, overcome.


Well said!
I still think its okey. But I am also worried… Just please don’t let it turn into flying mounts like in Wow. That was a baaaaad ide.

What’s the pitch? You’d like to see a mechanical system for taming animals as pack mules? If so, the ‘Bearer’ thrall on Testlive addresses this very concern.

Looking on TestLive, Map Rooms are very expensive. Something like 200 Corrupted Stone, 75 Steel Reinforcements, 70 Alchemical Base, and 50 Crystal. That Corrupted Stone costs about 200 Demon’s Blood, and the Alchemical Base costs perhaps 40 silver and 40 gold (?).

Building a Map Room will mean that a late-game player has to hunker down and develop their base inwards, rather than use their Demon’s Blood for explosives to raid others. I think the Map Room will act as a resource sink for late-game players. Not only do you need to build the Map, but you also need to build a large protective room around it.

The Map Room will serve as a resource sink late-game. To make one, players will need to harvest a lot of the same materials they could use to raid others. Given that big clans might have not just one, but multiple Map Rooms, then they might help direct late-game ‘alpha clans’ towards PvE content rather than PvP dominance.

Of course, once the Map Room is built, then a clan becomes very dominant in PvP. If they can keep their map rooms up, then they can potentially control the entire server “with an iron grip”.

We’ll have to wait and see how the Purge affects this. Map Rooms may be a big lure for the Purge enemies to attack your base.

In my opinion, they don’t seem all that terrible. I think they will improve the gameplay in some aspects. How bad they are will depend on the clans that have access to them — if you have traditional ‘alpha’ clans in control of map rooms, then of course they’re not going to be fun. But if your server hegemon is benevolent, then they might not be half bad.

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My pitch is that the teleportation system should be scrapped. I think it kills the immersion and reality of the game. People want convenient, then don’t play a survival game based on fantasy steel age concepts.

Conan didn’t teleport. Nowhere in any of the books is there anything like teleportation. The developers are providing it as a replacement in lieu of mounts. I would love to have mounts, but if I cant have mounts, id rather not have teleporting! its silly!


the developers said they had plans to add a teleport with magic anyway.

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I don’t see it as a “sink” because its a one time purchase, no mats required to use it.

I do understand what you are saying about it being important for endgame players who need to develop strategy, but again I say its TOO CONVENIENT. Distance is a variable to consider in difficulty!

Madleo they said this because ppl were crying for transportation aka mounts. Teleportation is an overkill solution, which in itself is a problem.

Who is to say the Giant-kings did not devise a method of instantaneous travel to important vistas within their realm? In a world full of cosmic monsters, godlike Avatars, resurrection, and cursewalls, how is teleportation somehow out of place?


Callisis_Kemtep, I see your counterpoint. That is a fair assessment. We shall let the devs make the decision they see fit.

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I agree. Personally, I wouldn’t have put it in the game. But it’s in there. So the only thing we can really do from here is talk about how it is balanced.

It could be more of a sink if it requires Radium gems to operate.

TwinCrows. Okay, I’ll bite. So lets assume that it is here to stay. Then yes, I would agree entirely with you. It should exhaust an expensive resource to use. There is your end game “sink”.

Teleportation is better than mounts though… :rofl: Mounts are what Really ruin immersion… with a million players all running around on their mounts. In some games, it’s fine. But in other games, it’s just totally out of place and silly looking.

Maybe there could be some kind of spell you have to learn or ritual to the gods to be able to teleport? So that it’s possible, if you really want or need it, but much rarer and harder. Idk… on one hand I Really appreciate teleportation in single player mode… (lol It’s a big and dangerous map!) On the other hand, I get what you’re saying.


Nightshade, thanks for seeing both sides of this. I can appreciate that. It’s a tough topic to tackle at this point. I just wanted to put my thoughts out there.

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I totally agree with you that if it exists at all, it should be made hard to accomplish and rather rare… A secret gift perhaps that only one of the gods can grant, that must be discovered to even exist first in some ancient ruin or some such thing… It does make sense that this is a survival game in a brutal, prehistoric world and it would be good for players to really feel how big the world is and that travelling is arduous.

I’m unfortunately not familiar with the Conan world, but it’s good for things to stay true to that. What makes this game brilliant is it’s not like any other games and I don’t want it to become like every other fantasy game out there either (including Age of Conan)! Callisis made a great point though… who’s to say the Giant-kings did not devise a method of instantaneous travel? It doesn’t have to be totally out of place. I think it would be ideal to be made something very rare that requires hard work, like everything else in that world. If it’s common and everyone can do it and does it all the time, it will definitely screw up immersion.


The Map Room (and the recipe to build it) are both available to get in TestLive.

Here’s how to get it (on TestLive):

In the Unnamed City, talk to the Archivist. There’s an option for ‘Learn Religion: Cartographer’, which gives you the recipe. Currently it doesn’t require anything to learn it, but it’s possible that it might be linked into a quest when the full game comes out.

It does have a heavy cost, more expensive than a vault (which was previously the most expensive building). Also consider that resource harvesting rates have been nerfed by about 2/3rds from what is currently on Official.

It’s pretty safe to assume that it’ll be expensive, immersive, and ‘balanced’.

I think it’ll be good for the game, considering that we’re getting a map expansion with no confirmed max player count increase. It’ll help big clans make war with one another, and give them something to aim for, that isn’t just raiding the nearest plebs.

At this point we should be talking about the effects of teleporting, and how to master them, deal with them, or balance them, rather than debating the idea of teleporters altogether.

  1. I think it’ll make big clans need to worry more about the other big clans. If an enemy clan can disable your teleportation, then you’re a whole lot weaker than them. Teleporters are going to be massive targets — massive because they’re big and bulky to place, and also because they’re really significant. Teleporters are ‘force multipliers’. Destroying a teleporter means severing another clan’s instant access across the server.

  2. Your map room is going to need to have a lot of structure surrounding it to protect it. Consider the direct resource costs, plus the resources required to build a shell around it: It’s going to be extremely expensive, and impossible to build in a smaller base / crevice / tunnel. Only the largest clans are going to be able to gather the resources required to build one, much less two or more. You’ll be hard-pressed to protect your Map Room with Religion bubbles.

  3. Teleporters also draw people into zones of activity. You can’t just go and build a base far up in the mountains of the Frozen North and expect to get home quickly. If you’re using two teleporters to zip between your two bases, then both bases would need to be built near an Obelisk. Controlling an Obelisk is going to be a major conflict point for clans. Obelisks are going to become highly significant areas. More population around an Obelisk means more potential for PvP, and less wandering around the map.

The more I explore the mechanic, the more I like the idea of Teleporters. It might not be something I would’ve done, but I think that it helps establish more of an interesting dynamic for ‘hegemon’ clans.


I dont fear the obelisks. I watched the spoiler from Sven P. about their locationpoints on the map. 7 from 9 are located in a no build Zone, some are surronded by mighty monsters. No clan ever will be able to controll such an obelisk. And then, when you have teleported through an obelisk, survived the monsters nearby, found the way to your enemies base and finally overbeared their defense, there are only two fast ways back. First is the maproom of your enemy (so maybe you would better not destroy it), second is the way back to your bedroll :smiling_imp:

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TwinCrows I feel ya man. If, and only IF…(although this is a tangent from my original post) we must accept teleportation as a game mechanic, yes it should be not only expensive to build but expensive to USE. That would create a very adequate resource “sink”.

If I can make a wish I would like server admins to be able to switch off the Map Room feature:
I agree that it makes the world too small and that pack animals (one following per player) for transportation would be neater


Thanks, Locust! Support!

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