Can we get a limit on transportory stones?

How about one per 20 points of the player’s IQ? That would average out to about five, but smart people who are more likely to plan and place their stuff optimally would get more freedom.

And people who are “screw it, I can’t bother to take the test” would get none.

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Good suggestion, I give it a solid five out of seven.


Regardless of what the limit is, there definitely needs to be one on Official servers. I’ve heard of people saying that their own disappear on server restart, and the consensus appears to be that there is a maximum limit the server can handle, so it culls the new ones. Whether this is true or not, only the devs can say.

Still, its not nice seeing a billion little huts all over the place just with Portals in them.

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There doesn’t need to be a limit. Just use Zendesk for officials if its getting out of hand. All other servers are already policing this just fine.


That would be a monumental waste of resources though. Set a configurable limit (include an option for no limit) and suddenly no need for guesswork, complaints to Zendesk and the resulting haphazard policing. On officials. Meanwhile private servers can do their own thing as always.

For building pieces in general it’s a complicated thing to set rules, for special structures like this it isn’t.


Its a apocalyptical waste of time to use development time for server administrative policy issues.

What you just wrote took less time than a zendesk ticket. Meanwhile your solution requires conceptual design, UXUI design, new hooks and bluprints, then testing, Q&A, and then testlive testing on a live server.

People putting transportory stones around the map are already breaking the rules. Report them. Even with the rule they would likely break the building rules some other way. Use a ticket, get them banned and move on.

I’d much rather see current bugs fixed and new content added than this, which may simply add more bugs into the mix.

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Hahaha! Sorry, just had to.

But of course you’re right, it’s either dev time or admin time. The difference being dev time is once and admin issues forever.

Ultimately doesn’t matter as it will not get implemented in all likelihood :sweat_smile:

Are they? Which one? Is there a limit on how many outposts you’re allowed to have? In any case, it’s pretty clear rules, such as they are, are not being enforced in a consistent manner.

As for ‘I’d rather they fix the bugs’, well sure, but that doesn’t change that the concept of these Stones is kinda broken. Expecting people not to overbuild is hopelessly naive at this point. As is trusting to Zendesk to handle it.


19 huts around the map to house these portals is likely going to be covered under landclaim abuse. Let’s not beat around the bush here, that’s what that is. I guarantee if someone reported that, they would see a suspension. I don’t think anyone here is going to wager against that.

19? Sure, I guess. What about 17? What about 15, but 13 of them are ‘public’ ? I just dislike the endless guesswork about what is allowed and what isn’t.


Even things built as a “public service” are against tos if excessive
Pretty much falls in the same category as building bridges or highways to “help” other players and they still classify it as land claim abuse

Yes, those two magical yet infuriatingly vague words.

No matter though. I’ve said what I had to say, no need to endlessly repeat myself. Agree to disagree I guess, it’s not likely to matter anyway!

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Like I said, let’s not do developmental changes for administrative issues. One’s problem with a server admin’s ‘vague rules’ is not reason enough for a game change. If you have an issue with your server admin, then use the appropriate means that they have given you (in this case Zendesk).

I don’t mind having greater control over servers with settings, but the settings file is already pretty bloated as it is. Any addition to it should be far more impactful than simply how many of a certain placeable can be used. We’re getting very much into mod territory for how specific this is.

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Sure, in general - but to a point. By that logic there was no need for a thrall limit system either, because it’s an admin issue. Or a distance minimum between t-stones, or altars.

Yet those were all implemented. I’d say this is a different case than other buildings since this building is unique in that it requires and in fact enforces a minimum distance between itself and its siblings. Meaning it only works for bases that are spread out to begin with, and so by its very existence it kinda encourages ‘claim abuse’.

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I’ve never really believed in limits for games like CE, there are other ways to make people keep things within reasonable size…

  1. Add a fuel cost to transportory stones like fx Sacrificial blood + some other stuff to keep them going.
  2. Also raise the cost of lighting them.

I’ve always been a huge fan of maintaining cost for thralls, buildings etc. people would likely soon start to limit themselves, unless they love to farm daily to keep things going, but I guess it probably never will happen, or it would have been a reality long ago :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am not a fan of putting limits on builds either, but clearly there’s an issue here.

I don’t think a large clan needs any more than ten surely?

On officials I wouldn’t like a limit under six , personally. (covers my clan for a few bases, and some locales that are a hassle to reach)

(I am only thinking about Exiled lands, not Siptah)

Nineteen, does seem somewhat excessive, :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

On single-player I wouldn’t like any limits, thanks

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We all do, but that’s a different problem, isn’t it?

I mean, there wasn’t. I was one of the forum regulars here who kept nagging for it to be activated, because I strongly believed that would make the servers I play on have better performance. It surprised the shіt out of me when it didn’t help.

Sure, 500+ followers in a base is definitely excessive. But that really is an administrative issue. What official servers need, and what we’re unlikely to ever get, is good moderation.


Oh it does help. When you set it strict enough. Following the logic on that with this topic, FC would likely set the limit of stones to something like 25 lol.

Yes. 0 would be nice. Things are getting out of hand in this game, there’s no need to harvest, climb, wish for good perks for a thrall or even travel around the map by foot or mount anymore. Just use a spell and you get everything. Absolutely ridiculous.

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Yeah but we said the same thing about horses when they came out. Games evolve as they should to remain relevant.


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