Can we get a limit on transportory stones?

1 for each vault.

Edit: Sorry, 15. Add one on the Island of Dusk Mother.

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I wish they would remove the entire map room/obelisks feature. + Remove mounts. Ok? :stuck_out_tongue:

You are way too kind.


My greatest fear @Coty is “the other side” effect that may come from these complaints! Imagine the complete removal of this magnificent feature!
In the beginning I was thinking that these stones will “read” others. This way if I was fixing a stone I could “read” another and travel to this one without the necessity to fix 3 to 20 for me. Plus I would have the ability to erase teleport sections I don’t need to see while I need to teleport! This way, especially in pve servers there would be no issues, or less about it. In pvp this could be used to trap others and steal them, so as map room travel teleporting would be risky!
But as I said to the beginning, I don’t care how this thing will be solved, or even if it is a problem or not, all I care is this feature to stay, I love it!

heh, I think once they got mounts more or less sorted, Map rooms became redundant.
From what I remember, Map rooms were only created originally because they thought they couldn’t make mounts work , and everyone was crying out for a form of fast travel.

To me fast travel in a survival game is kinda funny anyway.

I don’t think they are even needed now, and let’s be honest the damn things are huge, though I know I am in the minority in this opinion.

I would argue they are needed even less now, if you are using sorcery.

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I gotta disagree with that. Clan has a max of 10 members and every player should be allowed one at least. So with that each clan should get at least 10.

That is the problem with how everyone is thinking. They look at player limits when they should look at clan limits. A 10 player clan shouldn’t get screwed because someone doesn’t like a solo player making multiples.

Nah, pvp is worthless on Conan. Ark is way better for pvp. Having said that Conan is way better than ark for pve. Conan pvp is where pvp ark players that couldn’t cut it go lmao

Huh. You’re the first person I have ever seen say that. Pretty much everyone else on the internet says Rust is the best for PVP, then Conan, and Ark sucks.

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As with the Thrall limit, this may be an excellent admin point.
For officials, this one would lean to the 3-5 limit.
But it should be scalable for privates and single player.
But that is just this one’s opinion.

A clan… does not have to travel to any more places than a solo player… it’s not like they have a bigger map just because it’s a clan or they have to buy tickets… they can all freely use the available transportory stones of their clan.
There is absolutely no imaginable reason why a clan limit should be any different than a player limit… they might have a hard time agreeing on where exactly to build… so for that reason alone maybe 1-2 extra ones past 5 members… but definitely not a “+1 per member” since that defeats the purpose.


So what if it has 19, you don’t have to use it. If it is excessive building spam report it, otherwise get on with your PvE life


A clan of 10 deserves 10 buildings! I am not against this, especially on pve I don’t clan with people for the new building rules, but 10 buildings, not 10 monsters :man_shrugging:. This fellow exile @Pooter needs conversation, but so far if you do the mistake and clan up to 10 with 10 buildings, probably get prepared for wipe!
I don’t want to flame, but it’s logical for people to wish to clan and so far you can do it only in privates! The greatest problem with big clans is that if the one member is logged in in Purge hours and cannot handle the purge then probably the building of a clan mate is “bye bye” :rofl::rofl::rofl:. So it has a risk, it should be allowed!

A lot of times each member will have a base. Multiple bases are needed anyways in case one is destroyed. Wouldn’t be smart to just have one or a couple of bases. 10 should easily be reasonable. I like there is no limit but I don’t see a point on lowering it to less than 10. Before these stone I had about 20 map rooms all over.

Conan exiles is too clunky. They also messed up by making the combat animations take 5 minutes to finish. Definitely didn’t do a good job.

Does not mean you have to go everywhere by teleport… characters have legs and there are mounts, I don’t think they meant transportory stones to make those completely redundant.

And if clan members wish to have their separate bases then I don’t see an issue with that either… they can either be neighbors and share a teleport, or can spread out in which case their teleport will be the pathway to that region of the map.

Idk… 10 seems excessive imo… the maps are just not big enough to justify them and if every clan / player starts building them then there’s just going to be a whole map of teleport stones. Up to now we had ZERO of them and it was still fine… so are you really going to say that anything below 10 is just outrageous? :slight_smile:

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Many of us like to think that it was so, but we can’t really be sure because Funcom never said why they suddenly added map rooms… It sort of dropped like a bomb :grin:

I have always been split on this.
While I sometimes have enjoyed the fast travel, I also think it took away a lot of immersion and fun by travelling alone or in company of friends.
Quite often you got side-tracked on a journey and that often added to the experience, with fast travel, most people don’t see it as a journey, it is more like a move from point A to B, whatever in between doesn’t matter, and that is what I feel is a shame, besides the maps in this game are fairly small compared to some other games with explorative worlds :slight_smile:

While the early EA days offered nearly no options to get from point A to B fast and fairly safe, it offered more excitement simply because…

No fast travel, mounts, climbing, OP gear etc. You basically were forced to travel by yourself or in a group and hope to God you didn’t aggro a beast that would hunt you until it either couldn’t follow you anymore or you managed to kill it… That kind of excitement is very rare these days with all the options available now… I kinda miss that feeling from the early days of Conan Exiles :heart_eyes:

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Fast travel, whilst making transporting loot back to your base easier, does 3 major things imo;

  1. Makes the whole world / map smaller, and as you said, make you less inclined to explore those unplanned adventures.
  2. Breaks immersion. Look I think they did a good job with incorporating it within the world, but , well, it’s a loading screen when it comes down to it.
  3. Never felt very…well…Conan to me.

I loved Siptah in its early access, precisely because I got to enjoy riding around the map and it always felt more like a journey. But

The big difference between Exiled Lands and Siptah was that you could easily get most of the stuff you needed on a day to day basis everywhere. There were still some resources that you could only get at certain points or in certain regions, but that was okay, because it was a deliberate, careful design decision.

You want brimstone? You want crystal? You want gold, silver, black ice? You don’t have to ride across the map to have them.

Exiled Lands are different. I’m not complaining, by the way. I like Exiled Lands, and I liked Siptah during early access (and the reasons I stopped liking it have nothing to do with this discussion). They were different and that was good.

But Exiled Lands need fast travel. Conan Exiles is already pretty grindy. Due to the availability and distribution of resources, removing fast travel would push Exiled Lands from “tolerably grindy” into “holy crap, why am I inflicting this suffering on myself” :wink:

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This is not really about numbers of portals, but i dont want to start any threads with “ideas” so i gonna post this here…
You know what really cool idea for teleports?
One more punishment for using such devices - random creature from the abyss\storms, aggressive to players and thralls (not structures).
If you leave your portal open long enough - there is small chance to get unwanted guest, really heavy immersion and true to the lore
You know, when you abuse dark portals, they may start abusing you D

But for the topic, i dont think we need more restrictions to the game… i get it, spamming is not ok, but how many portals per clan\player is NOrmal? Who gonna decide that?

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