Clearly we have problems with payment services

Ok, so we have a customer service department that is understaffed. Which is very obvious reading this post.

“We’re a small team with a lot of responsibilities.”

Why not spend some development time figure out why people are having these issues? Let’s solve this issue and be done with it.

Not only will you free up customer service time but you are less likely to piss off customers. How many charge back fees have you incurred because of this? You made thousands in revenue last quarter. Let’s spend a couple grand and figure out these issues.

This isn’t rocket science. The only reason I can come up with that you haven’t fix this problem, you simply don’t give a crap.

Just fix it.

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That post was typical damage control and loaded with bs. FC have actively chosen (important) not to extend the CS team and to spend as little resources on AO as possible, regardless of the new server or any new influx of revenue its generating. This is clear to anyone who has had virtually any level of issue.

Understand, this is the strategy across the board. Its why you’ll be eating 10th anniversary cakes for the 18th anniversary, why the server is running on minimal resources causing you to band if a leet farts, the AO “community manager” doesn’t know where Hope (-less) is, and why there are no GM’s - ad infinitum.

Love AO, play AO, but don’t ever have an issue with AO. If you do, you have been automatically entered into a lottery where your chances are slim to none.