Maybe you guys wouldn't have to be fighters if you stopped going to war with your customers

Luckily for me my bank refunded the money you took while keeping my account frozen for 2 weeks.

Does it honestly make sense having one person working on tickets concerning payments and frozen accounts? I waited 2 weeks with not even a squeak from support and then I gave up. This is why other companies get back to you in minutes not days or even hours. They realize that if the consumer does not trust you with their money, they will not be a customer anymore.

You keep fighting with your customers and I will keep being just so glad to be done with you.

My sympathies go out to anyone going through a similar ordeal and I hope everything can get resolved for you. There was a time loosing my account would be devastating to me and I know there are still a lot of you out there. I hope at least they can get to you all first.

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The problem is that account issues are handled by FunCom accounts centrally, not by any AO staff. Complaints or conversations with the AO devs have no impact at all on it. No one you’ll be able to talk to here will be involved with it. All they can do is say to submit a ticket and lock the thread, which happens about once a day. It is mildly annoying.

It does suck. Call corporate and tell them their billing and account infrastructure is horrible. Don’t bother mentioning AO, though.