Clients MAC adress

Hello gang!
When constructing and modding up a server is there any way or option to add so one can track down and be able to see what MAC number people connect with.

If possible I would be happy to know, along with if this would be against any set rules not implent such.

Do you want to ban people based on their hardware NIC MAC?

I don’t think you can in general, because of the way ip connections are made. If its your server, you can do what you want to it, but I think your question is really about what connections get thru your server’s firewall. I dont think it needs to have anything to do with the game server.

Most importantly… there simply isn’t a reason for it :man_shrugging:

When I was actively hosting earlier there was instances when clients used dynamic or vpn to circumvent ip bans along with making new accounts, so the question is mainly because of this.

You can work around a MAC address ban too and it’s not too difficult anymore in 2024.

IP bans are equally bad, most residential ISPs have dynamic IPs nowdays… every time you restart the router you get a different IP even without a vpn… but VPNs will get around it as well just like you said…

The time of IP bans was over almost two decades ago :slight_smile:

Also you can change your MAC address directly in windows :man_shrugging: so not much point of that either.

Not to mention the scope of things… you would be actually banning physical computers or locations and not people. So you would have instances where your IP ban would actually work… but it would take out a whole college dorm or other places with shared IPs where multiple people could be using it, some of which completely innocent.

The only viable way to ban people is to just use regular account bans and disable family sharing accounts. That way you’re targeting it against the person and while they CAN get another account… they need to buy the game again so it costs them money… even if they get it real cheap.
Even if they’re very stubborn… you’re clicking a button for free… and they’re having to set up a whole new account and pay money to keep up with that so eventually it’ll add up and they’ll realize it’s not worth it.

Can’t really understand why you want to track players’ MAC numbers?
But, if it’s to If you’re already modded, then add the PIPPI mod to the top of your list. You will be able to see all non-Data Protected player data and be able to remove any player accounts or builds, etc. And yes, if the player is deleted and tries again, PIPPI will show the same ID.
PIPPI allows you to kick, delete, remove all structures of any player, whether they are logged in or not. Usually players just knowing PIPPI’s running front and centre is enough of a deterrent to messing about. :wink: