Hosting a private because I want to ban hackers faster

I’m hosting a private Conan server with vanilla official rules and limited raid windows. The intent of this server is to be able to ban hackers quickly. The server can be rolled back up to 24 hours. This server is hosted locally and is up to 3x better than any cloud hosted server.

I’ve extensively stress-tested the server with 3 simultaneous gods, 10k bombs on almazara - this locally hosted server is a beast and will never lag. There are no wipes planned; all new players receive the Beastial Ragalia recipe and a Bladesmith - along with 30 frags of power upon reaching level 60 (one Bladesmith per clan).

Join our discord: jX4q549y Just type “resolute” in the search bar. Extremely hands off admin, just here to ban hit pulls and looters of locked chests.

No wipes ever. Just want to ban hackers. Open to any questions or comments or insults.

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If private server and younhave access to mods, add the PIPPI mod as, as Admin, you can identify and ban and remove any players (that are abusing server rules).

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I want to be as vanilla as possible - I can ban people just fine from the server GUI that comes with the launcher–

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A more specific description of server location might be beneficial.

The word “local” is a bit ambiguous, local to London is not local to New Zealand for example.

A better stress test would be a level 10 purge with 30+ thrall defenders,
this is what is crashing G-portal servers currently.



O servidor não funciona para jogar? esse argumento é fraco por que visa apenas um foco!

I like you, i wish i was on pc m8. I will wish you good luck.
Make the difference and add a building pieces cap, just for “science” to see how this will go. Ask @Kikigirl to give you a detailed suggestion of cap.
I would suggest you to create a market as well to sell weapons fixed by several crafters with gold coins. The bladesmith can be easily lost, but giving each player the option to have his-her favorite crafted weapon without much grinding would be better.
I wish you the best for your server!

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i hope you got a good list of funcom id’s to start with and got contacts on official to keep that list updated because every single private server i’ve been on i ran into people that i know hack.

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Oh gosh it would really depend on what environment they’d want. I’ve seen as low as 800 but encouraged high PVP.

If their goal is as vanilla as possible they’d have to consider that a much higher number is normal. Between 10 and 20k. I rarely go over 10 myself.

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Yep, but you have no oversight of what they have built or placed. So, if you are also using build-sprawl or build-blocking as bannable or as part of your server sules, it’s easy to see all aspects of their building. This allows for being able to reach out to the player(s) to herd them to less abusive gameplay - or clearing or banning if that applies.
But each to their own.

Yeah, exactly