Climbing System Revamp Suggestion

I have a huge problem with climbing down rocks or other objects just because of little lags or bugs. Every time I jump off the edge and try to hold on to the rock my character does the animation of sliding down but they continue sliding down and lose health when they reach the bottom.
It’s really frustrating to lose health every time when climbing down though I clearly see the animation of sliding down.

So I thought about a little “revamp”.
Instead of pressing the jump button and then hold it to climb you simply hold the button in the first place to climb.
If you walk towards an edge and hold jump you hold onto the edge immediately without jumping off the edge at first.
But of course you can still jump and hold down the jump button afterwards. I don’t want to remove that option.

Or maybe you could start climbing down when you hit the jump button while crouching at the edge of wall/cliff

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