Clipping 2 furnaces into 1

Platform: PC
Game mode: ANY
Version: Latest
Problem: Misc

I have a broken mouse that every now and then does a fast double click, when the fast double click happens while placing a furnace in a stack of 2 both the furnaces get placed in the same place clipped within each others and fps drop savagely.

Repro steps:
I have no idea how to reproduce my broken fastclick mouse but I can show in my stream what I mean. It’s an old trust mi-2500x optical mouse, cabled.


I accidentally did this with a couple large chests. Seems like a good way to optimize storage space.

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But did you notice the drop in FPS?

I did not. Perhaps because I only did it once.

Thanks for bringing this up, it will be fixed at some point and its not just your mouse, I can reproduce it by clicking very fast.


I get accidental double clicks with my mouse sometimes in Conan Exiles while it never ever double clicks like that in other games. There might be an issue that triggers a double click sometimes when you just click normally?

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Hi man, are you using a razer mouse and have synapse installed?
A friend of mine had this issue happen to him with his razer mouse, he fixed it by removing synapse.

Hey, I’m actually using a Logitech mouse. Not 100% sure anymore though that the problem is not from my mouse…I’ll investigate this further.