Close servers to be trimmed

So there are three new players, or more, who have come to my soon to be trimmed server. They seem new to the game. Not locking chests or putting them inside, leaving crafting stations and thralls outside on them. I left them alone of course, but, yeah, new players.

Now they have no idea they are about to be erased and dumped on a new server and that’s a bad start no matter what. They should at least be notified they are on a dead server and so it should probably be closed as well.

That’s all.

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So what did they say when you let them know about it?

They weren’t on. They haven’t said a word yet to me, but today I found some bases and concluded they were very new to Exiles. There should be a start-up message so they at least know they are wasting their time building and gathering much.

I ran into similar and left a sign post warning them. Of course I also ran into a vulture that popped in for a few days to pick off the decaying bases of folks that left. Level 60, never seen the id before and they were on for a few days and suddenly just gone.

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