Clothes not purchasable

The New Dawn vendor sells some clothing items. Even though I have enough Dawn’s Favors for the items, some of them are still grayed out, e.g. the Witch Doctor chest, green.

Is this ■■■-related? My character is female, so perhaps this is a male-only item? If so, why even show it?

I have also noted some other vendors which sell clothing where there are two items with identical description, but one is purchasable and the other is not.

Sometimes they are greyed out because you own them already, also.

The two identical versions showing and one greyed out is definitely to do with the costumes having one version for each gender.

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If you don’t want to see items on a vendor that you can’t use, check the USABLE ITEM box.


I checked whether I owned them before posting, but it’s a good idea. If the text is red, then likely you own the item in question already (or there’s some requirement other than gender that you are lacking).

Have to use gender - just noticed that the other word got starred-out.

I wish the description had something like “witch doctor chest, green, male”. The “duplicate” entries on the vendors in Agartha puzzled me for a long time.

Still a little puzzled how you can have two versions of shoes. I mean, it’s not like they’re all that detailed. I have very little experience with graphic engines - perhaps there’s enough of a difference between the male and female skeleton feet that there would be poke-through if you had only one version.


“Clothing” in SWL consists of actual body parts, so even if an “identical” item appears to exist for both genders, they’re still two distinctly different pieces.

Here’s what a pair of male boots would look like on a female character:

SWL male boots on female character


LOL. That looks like Popeye, but with legs instead of arms.

OK - they are different.

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I remember when they had to create a skin for male bare chest, because you couldn’t just take your shirt off :smiley:

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If I recall, the bare chest “shirt” was so that you could have a hairy chest. The male base model has no shirt, but it’s a smooth chest.