Clothing achievements not giving credit in spite of having enough items

There is a known issue where a player will have enough clothing items in their Dressing Room but will not have credit for the first few Clothing Collection achievements:

  • Fashion Enthusiast - collect 100 wardrobe items
  • Walk-in Wardrobe - collect 250 wardrobe items
  • A Hat for Every Occasion - collect 500 wardrobe items
  • Fashion Critic - collect 1000 wardrobe items

You will have a number of items exceeding the amount needed to satisfy the early achievements but they will remain grayed-out. You may even have some of the later achievements (collect 500, for example) but not the ones before it. This issue only effects players who have used the legacy/vanity transfers to copy their TSW collections to SWL, which add the items to your wardrobe but do not properly update the achievement.

If you have this issue a GM can confirm your wardrobe items and award credit for any of the clothing achievements that were not updated automatically. Simply open a petition in-game on the character you’re having this issue on by typing “/petition” and the next available GM will assist you as soon as possible.

For more information for returning TSW players regarding the legacy/vanity transfer, please consult our thread on the subject:

[Legacy Transfer vs Vanity Transfer]