Co-op is still an issue for me :c

Alright, so it’s been a long time issue for me. I’ve got the game a few months ago. Me and my friend tried to play together on co-op server but we quickly forgot this idea cause we couldn’t join eachothers. So we went on an official server. Spent 200 h great hours but with my studies, wasn’t able to keep play much and our base went down. Now that we have time again, we wanted to play, but not on a server because my friend don’t want to farm a lot and I don’t want to loose my base again from the decay. But, the co-op problem is still present.

From all the solutions all across internet, nothing works for us. Playing with or without Battleye doesn’t change anything. My friend don’t want to shut down some firewall ports so that solution is out of the equation. Some people talked about Hamachi, but i don’t know how since you can’t open the console to directly connect to the IP. Some folks said to create an online server but there is two issues with that:

1: I already spent 100 hours on solo and spent about 30 hours to build my house, and I don’t want to loose my work. Someone told me that i could do a datafile backup to port on a server, but I don’t know how to do that.

2: The man that told me about the server also told me that running a server on one machine and play on the same machine is impossible, and i don’t have a spare one.

So right now I’m in need of some help. We went throught all the solutions that we’ve found but nothing is working. I’ll take all the help that you can get me.

How do you want to host a game on a machine without opening a port forwarding? It is the principle of a port to give the path to a specific service of your machine to create an incoming connection to this service and allow your friend to communicate with the server you are hosting.

Only ports under 1024 are used by system services. Everything from 1024 to 65536 is at your disposal! These ports exist precisely so that you can decide to open them and close them according to your convenience, when you decide to set up services that require an incoming communication with the outside world.

Of course only the router whose network the PC hosting the server needs a port forwarding (it is to redirect a port listened to by the router to a particular machine using the same port).

Thank you very much for your answer! So if i understand correctly, i’ll be the only one that need to shut down some ports? I want to be sure cause i saw that for some people, both players needed to shut down the ports. But if it’s only me, then it’s fine. In any case, thanks a lot!

Yes you have to set a port forwarding on your router to open a road from outside to your server. Then your friend should be able to follow this port on your ip (your_ip:your_port, for example to access the server you are hosting. The port basically tells him the road to use to access your server when he reach your ip, and allow your server to send data through this port in return.

Alright! If it doesn’t bother you, can you explain step by step how to do it? I’m sorry but I’m pretty bad with stuff like that :sweat_smile: If you can’t it’ss not a big deal, you already did a lot for me! Thanks again!

The configuration method depends on your router, each brand or model has its own interface so I can not explain step by step. Generally you can access the configuration of the router simply by entering your ipv4 address in the navigation bar of your browser.

Then you have to find the menu for port forwarding and add a new entry. You can give the name you want to this entry it does not matter, it’s just to help you better identify the different entries you create. Then you must enter a start port and an end port. Basically it means a range of ports, but if you know exactly which port will be used you can put this port in both fields. I don’t know what port it is for Conan Exiles or if you can change it in the game configuration files, I have never created a server for this game. Finally you have to enter the internal IP address of the PC that will host the server. An internal address is usually 192.168.0.x where x is unique to each device on the network. You can get internal IP of a device by typing ipconfig in the Windows command prompt.

This being done the router will now redirect incoming connections on the defined port to the defined PC.

When you start a service on your PC, this service “listens” to a particular port. It means that when the traffic enters by this port the service will take it into account. That’s why you need to know which port it listens to and open it for the service to work with incoming connections. When you first start the service Windows will surely ask you to allow connection.

Thank you very very much! I’ll try this tonight! Hope it will work! :crossed_fingers: Again, thank you very much!

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Yes ! It Worked ! Finally ! Thank you so so so much !

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Glad to hear that! You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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