Cannot host a singleplayer/coop session

Hello fellow exiled!

I’m trying to play with my friend by PC utilizing the single-player/Co-op Function in the main menu.

I have tried running it with:

  1. One Mod
  2. No mods
  3. With a password
  4. With no password
  5. Disabling BattlEye
  6. Inviting from the in-game menu button when you press esc
  7. Inviting from steam chat
  8. Checking if we have the same versions/updates

When using a password, he gets the prompt, types it, but then he cannot connect.
He cannot connect to me nor I to him.

We also connected to a public server to see what will happen, and we both connected no problem and met each other in that server.

I just want to play with a friend of mine in my server so I can adjust settings to match us instead of the usual clan sized group that the game is meant for. (Also faster crafting).

Which ports must I open? he was at the menu screen, we also constantly turned off our machines/game to see if there was some problem there.

I don’t know if you still have issue, but I had the same problem, which i resolved. Here is the specific way to open the ports you need :

Hope you sort it out !

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