Co-op issues Need touching up Vs online

Game mode: [Singleplayer /co-op]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [US]

There’s tons of follower and performance issues on PS4 co op iv been experiencing and I’m disappointed after coming back to this seeing it in this state Because I love this game so much

1- lots of lag or stuttering even though me and friend are in same region this never used to happen last time I played which was about a year ago give or take such was with some one on the other side of the country

2- getting stuck inside of pets and being unable to move because they are right on top of us when following or get killed constantly because they don’t follow behind close enough or listen to commands when being attacked correctly they leash back way to slow and allow for NPC animals to keep attacking them and get them killed if they’re too strong or a boss animal

3- cobras in desert able to strike twice back to back even when shielding and able to poison while shielding because attack somehow goes under /past shield because cobras slide under players after first attack

4- items in inventory and benches don’t always appear but the encumbrance and space are still taken in so they’re essentially invisible or fall through map on rare occasion if dropped in bag or bag will just disappear all together

5- thralls and pets behavior are erratic and don’t always listen in combat (as listed above ) and which again leads to them getting in the way, killed, or stuck in some occasions

6- some bosses aren’t leashing back to their habitats/spawns and will continue to follow and attack player and slow leashing thrall/pets even after getting far enough away in some cases but again thralls and pets don’t listen correctly and are so far behind they get killed or get us killed

7- REMOVE FRIENDLY FIRE FOR THRALLS AND PLAYERS I cannot say this enough please just give us the option to completely turn off friendly fire for players and thralls alike in co op server settings menues which BTW still don’t always save correctly like you said you fixed because we’ve killed our pets and thralls by accident for no reason other than bad AI leashing and rubber banding getting in the way during a fight

8- assets not loading in which causes player to get stuck not able to move past and invisible barrier where the object is supposed to be which also leads to the items not loading in in inventory and things going invisible in some cases which is only fixed temporarily by logging out of session/server completely and joining back only to happen again a few minutes or hours later

9- random building peices (fencing mostly it seems) just disappear like they were destroyed or never placed even though we know for a fact they are because we’ve replaced them multiple times now and every time we load back in to the session 3-5 random fence peices on our walls will be missing

You guys are neglecting co op simple performances fixes to focus on PC or other online and DLC stuff that can wait a little bit instead of making sure everyone is running smoothly enough first. maybe that’s nit picky but its dumb, because not everyone likes the obnoxious online servers where people take up space for the sake taking up space. my complaints come from love because none of this was as bad or an issue ever before last I played or was heavy into this game. please take better care in performance before releasing and make sure everyone is equally up to date performance wise before worrying about DLCs and communicate with all platforms otherwise you gonna lose more players than you gain and your our last hope on console in my opinion of a fun survival and building game especially in co-op

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My wife plays offline quite a bit with friendly fire turned down all the way. Never seen her accidentally kill any of her thralls she doesn’t use animals as followers so I don’t know anything about that.

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Could be a rare case but the fact it happens is still an issue we’ve lost about 3 pets because of bad leashing mostly and 1 to them jumping into a fight and pushing us out of the way and being collateral damage because of them not listening properly during fights. we use them because they’re good and we’re trying to level up the better pets and thralls but when were fighting stronger animals and animal bosses it’s a pain because we have to switch off and call back our pets (which again doesn’t always work because of slow leashing and inconsistent follow distances) so they don’t die or take too much damage we have friendly fire set at the lowest and it still isn’t enough imo I think just to have the option to turn it off completely is just a nice option in general especially if you have a more casual play style for offline vs online. we’re actually gonna test our connection and see if we have similar issues in online servers or if it’s only in co op. my guess is were gonna have similar issue with performance like a few frame issues here and there probably depending on ping but not nearly as glitchy as nor as often as it is in co op. rn I’m on better internet than the last time I played this game heavily with a friend in Another state on the other side of the country and now I’m playing with a friend in the same state and having these kinds of issues that’s why I posted this it’s seems backwards to me

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You can report this to Zendesk

Better chance of hearing from Funcom . @Community any time on this?

When you are playing co_op you are both in the same clan?

Yup that was one of the first things we did when we started building

The Xbox just got the parity patch and they are really happy campers. Fixed alot of issues should do the same for us

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That’s good news let’s hope it’s as well received for PS4. I’m sure it will be

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