Coat of Arms per difficulty issue

Coat of arms was a wonderful idea and was something that was needed in the main game. It has made me find spots that I didn’t know where even in the game… But that being said. I do think having all the coats of arms being one per level, AND per difficulty wasn’t the best choice.

As someone who has played this game down to it’s bone, It feels really REALLY bad to have to go through each level on easy difficulties to get one collectable. It’s time consuming and unneeded to have them separated per difficulty.

The main 3 difficulties should have the three normal coats of arms while the Archdevil Difficulty has the final one all by itself. The game should be played at the users own skill setting and being forced to play on easy mode never feels good.

Excited to see what the future of this game has in store and it makes me happy to see it’s still being updated with new content.

Greetings from Hell! And welcome to our forum.

Thank you for your feedback. We shared your claims with our team.

May your voice be heard!

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