[DEVS FEEDBACK] Any planned REWORKS for current and future "Dungeon/Raid Levels"

Let me first off say from a Day 1 EA/Alpha backer that when you first launched this game, it had its hiccups… but you listened to our feedback and must say you’ve created a damn good game. Kudo’s.

With that being said, I have all but one thing I would love to suggest. The dungeons/raids or what ever you wish to call them… are way too easy… almost solo-able and a major let down which hasn’t changed since EA. Are there any plans to revisit them and actually make them a challenge? Actually force at most 2-3 people to go into a area?

Example - The Dregs… besides a room of 5 lizzards, and 5 skeletons… and a not so hard puzzle you face the Serpent who is EASILY killed by baiting it, get close… let him lunge and hack away. Too easy.

Barrow King - can be easily beaten by standing directly underneath him and hacking away with a 2h sword… he will barely touch you.

Witch-Queen - The guards are solo-able as is the witch and the beams don’t pose a real threat.

Volcano - Now this is as close to as a complete dungeon/raid as we have so far… requires more than 1 person sometimes… the level detail is there for a raid and its filled with quality NPC’s

are we planning to see any revamps to the older dungeons? or potentially future more difficult raids?

I feel like everyone can obtain the end gear fairly easy and that most of the gear is obsolete after a little while… why not make the raids/dungeons MORE difficult so there is a sense of reward for the recipes.

Currently the only viable armor is the silent legion armor… any plans to make armor choice more robust?

I heavily disagree that the bosses are difficult enough… I don’t know your game time but they aren’t any more difficult then they were in EA and can be griefed.

if you want a single player/co-op experience… that’s what offline single player/co-op is for with your difficulty slider.

Provide better feedback over your opinion please

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