[DEVS FEEDBACK] Any planned REWORKS for current and future "Dungeon/Raid Levels"



Let me first off say from a Day 1 EA/Alpha backer that when you first launched this game, it had its hiccups… but you listened to our feedback and must say you’ve created a damn good game. Kudo’s.

With that being said, I have all but one thing I would love to suggest. The dungeons/raids or what ever you wish to call them… are way too easy… almost solo-able and a major let down which hasn’t changed since EA. Are there any plans to revisit them and actually make them a challenge? Actually force at most 2-3 people to go into a area?

Example - The Dregs… besides a room of 5 lizzards, and 5 skeletons… and a not so hard puzzle you face the Serpent who is EASILY killed by baiting it, get close… let him lunge and hack away. Too easy.

Barrow King - can be easily beaten by standing directly underneath him and hacking away with a 2h sword… he will barely touch you.

Witch-Queen - The guards are solo-able as is the witch and the beams don’t pose a real threat.

Volcano - Now this is as close to as a complete dungeon/raid as we have so far… requires more than 1 person sometimes… the level detail is there for a raid and its filled with quality NPC’s

are we planning to see any revamps to the older dungeons? or potentially future more difficult raids?

I feel like everyone can obtain the end gear fairly easy and that most of the gear is obsolete after a little while… why not make the raids/dungeons MORE difficult so there is a sense of reward for the recipes.

Currently the only viable armor is the silent legion armor… any plans to make armor choice more robust?


Please do not “force” group play in a game that provides for all styles of play.

The Bosses are difficult enough for a single/co-op play. I would not like to see them get harder or longer.


I heavily disagree that the bosses are difficult enough… I don’t know your game time but they aren’t any more difficult then they were in EA and can be griefed.

if you want a single player/co-op experience… that’s what offline single player/co-op is for with your difficulty slider.

Provide better feedback over your opinion please


Feedback = opinion Forgive, all I can do is provide my opinion based on my experience.

I do play solo/co-op and was referencing that mode. The game does not behave differently because one chooses a solo/co-op mode. Make the bosses more difficult for your choice of mode, makes them more difficult for all other modes.

It is a truth that the bosses have been enhanced with more hit points so that causes a longer battle.

Everything can be “griefed.” It would be impossible to create a game that a ornery player cannot ruin because of bad behavior.


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