Collectible books

I would really see books that you can collect, collect lore books, story books, maybe all the notes you can collect and make them in to a journal and could place them in a bookshelf. Something like in the archives where the Scrolls are to, i am on Xbox one and I don’t have mods access. Just to make that clear. The little things like elder Scrolls online with their books. Place them down and on a slow day, just enjoy your collection of books and read.


Realmente tem ideias bem legais que eles poderiam dar valor, como por manequins para expor armaduras e eles não colocam uma coisa tão simples. Tem uma porção gigantesca de MOD’s que já existem no PC, que facilmente poderiam ser adicionados no console que eles não dão a mínima, porém nos grupos das redes sociais como Instagran eles fazem questão de publicar construções de jogadores que usam MOD’s mais belos do que eles nos oferecem em consoles. É lamentável.

I am so sorry, but I can’t understand what you wrote.

Hello @SweViking89
Your idea sounds really good, but something like that already exists.

In certain areas (cities, dungeons) there are notes and books that you can collect.
There is no bookshelf and I also think this idea is good, as it brings even more quality of life into play.

Which I would still like when things finally appear on the console from the mods that are available for the PC.

Not necessarily as a mod, but as DLC, so that more placeables and missions are added.
This would even pay.

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