Collision Boxes are TERRIBLE

No, seriously, WTF ?
That’s as close to the wall I can place the pantry shelf … It’s like half a meter away for god’s sake !

What do we need a shelf for if it cannot be stuck to a wall ? The bookshelves from the Bazaar didn’t have this problem. Why don’t they make EVERY shelf and Cupboard stick like that ?


Valid criticism. A lot of items feel like someone slapped a slightly larger box over them and called it a day without checking if it made sense. Really frustrating to deal with when you know something should work but doesn’t.

If you want a solution to your current problem, try removing that back wall and adjusting your food shelf to be in line with it. Then place a door down where your wall was and replace that door with the original wall.

The order of operation hoops this game makes you jump through is bananas, but that’s a solution I’ve found to deal with unruly placeables.


Not useful in my case (can’t remove that wall or half base comes down xD), but thank you.

Of course devs should really be working on those collision boxes (as that is not even the only object to be like that).

This is how @Marylambs and I have been dealing with the new pirate banner and the hanging cages. It’s really annoying. All the collision boxes need an overhaul. I have a crested holiday dog from the old holiday twitch drops and it’s a huge box for such a small dog! :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


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