Collision Mechanics are broken

So the most common problem i keep finding is


Seriously I’ve had the game for 3 months now and Patch after Patch and I’m still being charged by creatures that make me go inside them and stop me from moving stop running no rolling no nothing and then they continue to kill you and push your body threw the floor.

Now its not the BUG the bother’s me its the Losing 2 weeks of work in mats and tools while running across the map to set up a new base only to have the game “FORCE YOU” so far back you don’t want to play this game anymore. Justify this to me please FunCOM, as I don’t see why a paying customer who’s purchased your game and 2x sets of each DLC for my friend and I to play with should have to deal with weeks worth of push back for no reason.

I like the game but this is a major problem and I’ve had this since day 1 pf playing and months later I’m still being stuck inside Rhino’s with no escape.

Per Issues Status - PC, they have fixed the Rhino issues internally.

Everything is broken within this game… welcome to CE! My advice don’t buy anymore DLCs until they put up some work to fix the endless list of bugs stated even by themselves…

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