Rhinos are seriously broken. Why is this even an issue?

Rhinos are just trash. Seriously they’re so broken in this game and need so much work. I’ve only been playing like a month and for about a week when it came out on Xbox originally. They were broken then and still are now.

You get stuck in them super easy, especially the boss one an can’t run even if you’re dying. They follow way to close and get stuck on you if you have one as a pet. Plus they defy the laws of physics and fly away when you kill them (elephants too).

I’m sorry, but how have you dropped the ball on this one so hard Funcom? Do we really need more fancy building blocks more than we need a game that’s not in early access anymore having the basics fixed?

This is only one of many issues I’ve found playing that are enough to have never let this game out of early access. Stop making new content, especially paid DLC content and FIX THE BUGS. How hard is that?


I guess the bug fixing team and the art / design team have different members who don’t work and probably can’t work on the same issues / projects.

But I have to agree though, rhinos, especially the boss, are extremely annoying to deal with, getting stuck inside them is very stupid.

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Rhinos are also used by people to undermesh. It seems like rhinos are the true enemy lol

This is one of those unintentional bugs that is truly magnificent.

It makes me go out of my way to kill them, just to see them fly.


First few times it’s funny. But after the 100th rhino or elephant that you need to kill to make armor it gets real old. Just tired of small stupid bugs being overlooked while a game developer has done a full release without tons of things promised in the game and still seems to have time to make paid DLC but not fix stupid bugs.

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The flying is a bit silly but I can handle it most days…getting stuck inside rhinos on the other hand…

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