Combat Assist Wen-Wen Use Bug

The Combat Assist Wen-Wen can be used while equipped in order to cast a proc nano on the user/wearer.
When used from a backpack, the Wen-Wen executes like most items, but then attempts to cast a nano on the user. This fails, and then locks the Wen-Wen.

Thus, the Wen-Wen gets locked for about 20 minutes, but the user has no benefit. Typically, items check to see if they are being worn when they are rightclicked. Also, they don’t execute and then lock-out if the use conditions aren’t met.

To replicate:

  1. Put Combat Assist Wen-Wen in a bag.
  2. Rightclick the Combat Assist Wen-Wen.
  3. Receive error message “You must be wearing this item to use it.”
  4. Notice your skill lock “First Aid skill is locked, able in 00:17:54”

Post in AO official discord and tag AndyB. He patrols there daily, way faster response

this item IS bugged
On User:
Cast Wen-Wen Combat Assist if
On Self:
Must have Combat Assist Wen-Wen equipped
FirstAid skill locked for 1200 (1032) seconds
Modify ShieldProjectileAC 80
Modify ShieldMeleeAC 80
Modify ShieldEnergyAC 80
Modify ShieldChemicalAC 80
Modify ShieldRadiationAC 80
Modify ShieldColdAC 80
Modify ShieldFireAC 80
Modify ShieldPoisonAC 80

but equipping it doesn’t give Shield as in description. Shield stats are only activated on Use - when Nanoprogram appears in NCU- there is no modifier “On User”, as in description.

So - 30 second program and NO static modifier renders this item totally useless.