Combat overhaul! The elongated and intricate discussion on CPS (Clicks Per Second)

Okay, I’m being over-draumatic, but I’m going to make a point here.
Games that make you spam click, or you can use an auto clicker for are actively hating your mouse and/or joysticks
I’d rather not have to buy a new mouse sooner than later because of a Conan mechanic that shouldn’t be there, SO, I have two suggestions on how to fix this clickpocolypse.

  1. Add crit zones. You did it for the bows, so let’s continue that parade, shall we? Make the melee weapon glow at a specific time where you can click to continue a combo that do a bit of extra damage to encourage people to click less. Pull a Minecraft and create specific times you can click instead of encouraging us to click as fast as we can to get those melee hits in as soon as we can.

  2. Let us hold down our mouse to continue melee combos. If there’s no mechanical difference between spam clicking or just a macro that lets us input infinite clicks, and adding a feature that lets us just hold down a button, then it should be the latter.

What is ironic is out of many games I play, Conan Exiles is one of the ones I fall back on to give my wrist a break from some of the stupid amount of clicking or micro movements.

I do kinda wish that melee had hit locations, but right now not many of the weapons swing depending on where you point, so they need to be adjusted to make that work. I won’t say no to this because of how many times I’ve swung a weapon and missed because something stood a tad shorter than the swing. So getting both would be great.

Holding down a button to continue a combo sounds pretty reasonable. And probably not hard to do.

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Um… put down the daggers maybe? :smiley:

I’m not sure what you’re playing as, but I never spam click in this game… I literally time every click to the animation and it’s always a single click… so I’m not sure this is a game issue.

However the idea isn’t too bad… we could have exactly that (the first one you suggested)… timing bonuses… if you time your combo chains on the dime, you’d get a small bonus, discouraging spam clicking. Don’t really need the glowing imo, idk…
Does that sound good?


Depending on how big of an “area” you have to hit, or how much “time” you have to click at the right time, could you see this as the target of aimbotters? Just by going off the bow thread, aim botting is a concern in PVP games, and if you add damage multipliers to the fray, I think it could lead to issues. Not entirely sure its worth it, since you only click 4 times for a combo, which how often do you get to use in a PVP fight?

If the idea is to balance around cheats, then the active combat should be removed in favor of a server ran turn based system where the only input from the client is selecting options the server gives.

This is why we don’t balance around cheats. You fix the cheats and ban the cheaters instead.

Not sure I understand what people are talking about with aim botting. The game has built-in aim botting. What more could a person do with an actual aim bot?

And I’m talking about maybe 5 or 10+ damage, nothing too revolutionary like a killing blow. Just enough to encourage people to improve upon a skill rather than “click until dead”

@Xevyr You’re right, it doesn’t need to glow. It does need some sort of indicator that you’re doing something right though. A flash, a sound, etc.

Yea, I was kinda thinking along the lines of a 10% boost to damage just to create some “minigame” to discourage spam clicking, nothing massive so I don’t think that would affect PvP too much :man_shrugging:
I’m fairly indifferent though, I wouldn’t be against it is all I’m saying… if it makes the game more interesting for some, then that’s not a bad thing.

Bingo. I don’t think CE has a spam click issue either. I think, on this at least, it’s another PEBCAK issue and one that affects many different games.

It’s always been a little bit of a pet peeve of mine whenever I see a video of someone playing a game and I can hear over the microphone clickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclick while the character attacks maybe two or three times in that span at most. I mean, really, it makes me think this is exactly the sort of thing they’re trying to do:


Everyone knows that you do more DPS if you click/press harder and/or faster. Video gaming 101.


Sure, I dont think anyone disagrees at all.

Im saying that if you implement a system where precise timing or strike areas are introduced with added damage, it will increase the chances on aimbotters and cheaters.

Yes, target locking is in place, but target lock is broken after a certain range. Imagine hitting a person from 25 foundations away in the head every shot, especially when they are running, dodging and jumping. We dont see it alot right now, but introduce damage multipliers and you might see more.

If your spam clicking in Conan, you are doing it wrong.

Well, that’s kinda what I said above too :stuck_out_tongue: but still as you can see some people are spam clicking

I don’t share that concern. I don’t think Conan is susceptible to aim bots to that degree… So far all we’ve seen are “concerns” and no actual aim bots…
Why? Because most aim bots favor a zero-lag environment… does that sound like Conan exiles to you? :joy: especially official servers…

So while it might be a thing in fast paced games where accuracy matters to the millisecond like counter strike and similar precise shooters, I don’t think that 25 foundation automated headshot is ever going to happen in Conan.

And while yes, that bow thread was a thing and there are some issues with it here and there… most people just wait till you log off and offline-raid you :stuck_out_tongue: the cheats also seem to be going in that direction… trying to find shady ways of getting into bases, since the game isn’t only about team fights and there aren’t actual “win conditions” to cheat for in that regard…
Hope that makes sense.

I cant disagree with what you said. I just think that if you add damage multipliers and timing specific bonuses that we may see more of an issue. It could all be nothing too :smiley:

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That’s a lot of effort. The real PvP in the game is who’s first to file a ZenDesk report and get the other clan wiped off the map by an admin. :upside_down_face:

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