Combo combat system manualy

How about make it possible to perfrom any attack seperatly:
Default left\right mouse clik - default combo
Key1 + Left\right mouse click = 2nd type of attack
Key2 + Left\right mouse click = 3nd type of attack
Key3 + Left\right mouse click = 4nd type of attack

It will make PvP more dunamic and less predictable


Interesting suggestion. I like it on the surface, I love the idea of giving players (PvP or PvE!) more options in combat. You can plan out your combo attacks differently, shake things up, etc. Cool idea.

Though I have a few of thoughts/concerns on where I feel it gets a bit difficult to implement (for a little background, I’m framing my thoughts from both a players perspective and a developers perspective, as I know at least a little bit about this subject matter. )

  1. Balance

This undoubtedly will be very difficult to maintain any semblance of balance (something Funcom is slowly trying to adjust and look into). Would you make what normally would be a 3rd attack very strong, less strong with less stamina? Or do the same but with increased stamina costs? Overall, it’s doable, but will be difficult for sure.

  1. How would chains work from that point on?

Maybe let the player decide what the first attack will be, but follow in sequence from that point on? If I was going to mod this in myself (which wouldn’t be possibly to do), that’s how I would approach it.

  1. You couldn’t use the 4th attack

Most 4th attacks in the chains are all these heavy wind up style attacks. Even if I wanted to as a modder, I couldn’t create a new animation chain with starting these types of attacks because they aren’t designed to be used with follow up animations. Like literally, I tried lol. You put the 4th chain into say, step 2, and your character just stops on that attack and doesn’t carry out 3 and 4.

Now I’m definitely not an animation artist what so ever, so a lack of experience in the field could most certainly be making me not see something. But from what I can tell, either these 4th attacks would have to be adjusted to accommodate the new system, or not used at all (which is the more efficient development route in terms of cost and time. Having animators redesign an animation is definitely less then ideal).

  1. It’s not currently possible to implement

I don’t really want to get into a long winded back end information on the subject, but the way combos are currently designed, it simply wouldn’t be possible. A coder would have to do some bloody heavy lifting to implement this because the system would have to be redesigned on how combos are fed into the game (then again, I’m not a professional coder, maybe its easier then I can envision). Which anytime a system has to be heavily modified, it gets a lot more complicated from a development standpoint in terms of cost, time, and amount of work involved.


Cool idea, even with multigun feedback about the bad aspect of it.

Me i would totaly see a small revamp of some legendary weapon, that could mix certain attack from diferent weapon. Let’s make an example to demonstrate why i try to say^^

-random Legendary 1 hand sword-

1st light : 1h light Sword 1st light combo
2nd light : 1h light Sword 2nd light combo
3rd light : 1h light Maces 3rd light combo
4th light : 1h light Maces 4th light combo

1st Heavy : Javelin 4th heavy combo
2nd Heavy : 1h Sword 2nd heavy combo
3rd Heavy : 1h Sword 3rd heavy combo
4th Heavy : 1h Axe 4th heavy combo

:’( just let us dream a bit, if we had to consider technical issue, half of the suggestion sub-forum became useless (along with pretty much all of my own)

Other then the Javelin 4th heavy combo (as I talked about, it’s not really possible to move an end moveset to the front), all of that is certainly possible. I use similar methods for my Javelin mod.

Can’t help myself heh. Just jotting down my thoughts on the feasibility of it, the developer side of me will always pop out :stuck_out_tongue:

for me, C# codder, it all sounds like conan have ultra bad code…or even JS…
How can it be “hard” to split one type of “attack” from others? Is it really so bad called, that you can not call something like this: PerformAttack(type ‘light\heavy’;attack position ‘1-4’; modifier damage ‘in case’;modifier stamina ‘in case’);

Isn’t it a little bit arrogant to judge someone else code without having seen it… ?:thinking:

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  1. i find it next way: same set up like now, just you will not continue a combo after “manual attack”, next attack will be first one in the chain. So, if you decide to start from 4th hit, u will loose alot of stamina (after Testlive patch go live), and it will be hard for you to continue the chain with out the pause
  2. Manual attack = no chain, only single hit. Next attack start chain from first attack
  3. 4th attack cost much more stamina than regular one, so it will be trade off. Try a luck to hit with 4th attack as first and waste alot of stamina, or start with regular attack and than use manual attack. Most danger situation in PvP when you under the poison or any other debuff and you got hitted by player. It will be much harder to hit with 4rth attack as first one and have good result from that. Plus some weapons have less damage on 4th attack (2h hummers like an example).
  4. Everything is possible to emplement. All attaks is just preset animations, that get called one by one. If it codded so, that you can not call seperatly 3rd animation for the weapon, than it is bad code and should be fixed for future easy work, in any way will be my suggestion implemented or not. Code should be universal and easy to use in future. Waste some time now, to safe tons of time in future.

In case of manual chains: it can be used aswell, like an example, you start with default chain, and decide to use a 4th attack after the first one. So, Left\Right click (first attack), Key Trigger, Left\Right click for the 4th attack. After that you should not be able to use 4th attack again in manual mode for some seconds, to prevent spam. Same for 3rd aswell. I think only 2nd one can be used like a manual spam. In case of such spam - more stamina cost per attack, not flat, more spam - more cost. And some rules, like, can not combine light 4th + heavy 4th, can not combine 3rd light + 3rd heavy one after another, it should be 3rd light + 1st or 2nd + 3rd heavy but no 4th attack in such combo (delay for 4th attack for some seconds) and etc.

Aswell it could be some damage modifier for manual attacks (0.9-0.95 like an exampl)

And as tradeoff, manual attack can loose it hyper armor, excep 2h hammers, and have less attack speed (5% less)

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