Combat Rating (Element)

How does it work on all of the classes?

For many years, I thought “combat rating (element)” was checking against the element protection of the enemies; but a certain player has opened up my eyes today and informed me that it messes up damage: for instance, barbarian DoTs.

What are the other pitfalls of using, for example, “Combat rating (cold)” on heralds of Xotli, “Combat rating (fire)” on assassins, etc.?

What do you mean? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Something about nonscalability of DoTs when using “combat rating (element)” versus “combat rating [pure]”. That is what I wish to find out.

That they do not add to the dot damage as in generic combat rating

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Yes, an example is Combat Rating (fire) does not scale with Burn to Death DoT, but Combat Rating (2HE) does. It also hits the protection instead of physical mitigation of a boss. Preferably you want pure combat rating, and not the elemental one.

It’s sad that they had to put Combat Rating (fire) on hox T6 gear :roll_eyes:

so, combat rating(fire) will work against protection(fire) not the armor?

Every magic type cr in mitigated against the protection of the target and not the armor ,yes.It’s ,for example, why hox pillars and fire lance with fire type finisher hit certain bosses in t6 like a wet noodle :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes I do think so. Exactly what Shink said here ^
Pillars and Fire Lance do not do anything basically towards Emerald Leviathan/Ethram-Fal or Yothians. They are really strong on adds in t6 on Yothians though, and scorpions.

But the burn to death dot is a magical attack how does it not scale with fire damage? Where are you getting this information from I’d really like to see the numbers if you know someone who crunched them

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It doesnt scale with combat rating (fire) .And you know it is kind of easy to test it yourself :smiley:

It’s not like someone posted a link to the information :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


How is this reflected in the combat log? Would the combo damage be slit? For exanple : your (combo name) did x slashing damage. your (combo name) did y fire damage. ??? Where y damage is calculated from fire elemental combat rating, used on a combo that would do slashing damage normally.
If not, how do you know the calculation is as you say?

for what its worth

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Thanks. That demonstration clarifies it. I seen the explanation before, but never how it was substantiated.

if my hox were not f2p locked I would log into it and get numbers myself, but this is the best I can do atm. Thanks to Stage for diggin up the old thread from Jo

Weapon dmg, combat rating (2he) and “regular” combat rating, magic dmg all affect btd dot, but combat rating (fire) does not. It’s just how it is.