Combat still annoying and no Fun

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Lagg/Bug/Stupid…
Server type**: PVE-C
Region: Europe

The Combat in this Game is still the worst thing.
Not about the Combos or Animations or Weapons and so on. NO! It´s because enemys still are bugged AF.
Teleports in fights.
Laggy as Hell even with ping = 40 and under…
Sometimes You stuck in an enemy and he Kills you easy. mostly Rhino´s and elephants.
It´s waste of time and many times you die because it still happened.
When Funcom? When will u fix this annoying Issue. -.-
Also Daggers are cool but spiders get most time no hits.

Still can´t enjoy this Game Since Alpha.
Building is cool and very funny. That´s it.


What? So you do enjoy the game!:joy:

Please try and fix combat and NPC behaviour before releasing the mount thingie, because THAT aint gonna work for a while either

The only thing that works is building.
So no only because one thing works it doesn´t mean i enjoy it.

They will still fail on that. It´s since Alpha Release and it still is not working correctly.

Sorry but i have no hope for this Game any more.
Played it since Early Access.
And every Patch is still totaly Bull***t.

Everytime they fix something but destroy other things.
@ least we got the supoer dlc´s and new content which will not work after the release.

This Game will die if Funcom still have this Method, of making features but still not fixing this Game. -.-

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