Still Combat most Annoying Thing in this Crap of Game and Follower more annoying as helpful

Game mode: Online Private
Type of issue: Combat & Follower
Server-Type: PVE
Region: EU
Mods: Yes. But even tested without Mods.

1.Enemys are still Overpowered in this Game and most mechanics are still not working.
Stagging. I Can stag an enemy if i hit them Some creatures can´t be staggered thats ok. But most time for good combat i go a bit away and try my Combo again but then enemys just attacking me an i am getting staggered hard. If they are harder they leaching my Hp even with an epic armor. Sometimes i don´t even hit them just attacking through them. Combat is still very laggy? teleport a bit here and there ist so gamebreaking and annoying.

  1. The Follower are biggest Joke!
    They still want do cuddle with me even in Combat my Wolf is to near and if i get away to attack the
    enemy this stupid follower getting in front of me.
    Just one point i´ll be very thankful that the Horse is getting away in Combat.

Realy Funcom more then a Year and still can´t enjoy this Combat. I like challenge the Damage is totaly ok. But must they even be harder if the Stagger mechanic is just Random? And when i attack is it so important that i now play “Elder Scrolls: Morrorwind” and just don´t hit the Enemy?

  1. Why are so many Enemys on one Place. Fighting against one is easy. Against 2 or 3 OK. But on some Places there are placed so many Enemys. That even my Legendary Fighter LVl 15 can´t do anything.

  2. Shiled seems not to work everytime. Getting up my Shield will not counter any attacks of enemys the stagger timer is extreme less to counter attack or they just hitting me even if they ar in front of me.
    Some times i can´t even attack an enemy with a shield but he/she hasn´t used it. But the AI can hit me.

I am Sorry but this was the last Game i buyed from Funcom.
It is every time the Same. A Game is release has tons of bugs or bad mechanic and it needs years that a Game is enjoyable but releasing Dlc´s but still can´t fix the Basegame.
I realy Love Conan Exiles but Combat is part of the Game and it is still the worst. Not the combat itself, but mechanic are not or less working, it feels very laggy sometimes even with ping under 70 and the follower just annoy me the hole day.

I am sorry if my English is bad it is not my Main language. I hope u can understand it.

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