Come join the Aeckland's (Balance enhanced) server

This server is open to anyone who likes a balanced type server. There’s no rp, no rules nothing just have a good time with the game and we will see it goes. It is a pvp server and 40 slots available. All that I ask is that you have fun and don’t harrass other players unless they started it. See you there and let’s see who comes out on top of the conan world. This is also a Xbox Server. We are also based in the USA for where I am renting the server.

What platform is this server on?

It is an Xbox one server. Sorry had to make the message at least 15 text long.

Sweet I’m on Xbox looking for a server, I’ll check it out

Thanks if you have friends that are looking for a server as well let them know about it as well.

Server is down and has bin for hrs wondering whats going on

Server os down again mid raid with so much supplies just sitting in a stonebricj raid shack