Communication Ban

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Problem: [Communication Ban on XboxOne]

So i got a Communication Ban on Xbox One today for 1 day. But now i cant play Online on Conan. Like really? I have never seen someone who used the ingame Chat . Cheers

Hello @KevTheActivist, thank you for reaching out!

You’ll likely be able to play after the ban has expired, however, we’ll relay this info to the developers in order to determine if its intentional or not.

Kevvv :upside_down_face: next time it happens il let you know a way to trick your Xbox into letting you play on the banned account … Funcom know about this it’s a setting on there end … nothing to do with Xbox… it will be one of the cheaters on 2106 that got you banned . They did it to me the other day to try keep me off sever … didn’t work tho :yum:

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