Unable to play due to Xbox coms ban

So it seems you can not play Conan exiles online when you have any sort of enforcement against your gamer tag on Xbox …, I have had a few communication bans on live and every time I am unable to play Conan … however a coms ban should not stop you doing this … I can play every other game online but this … If you contact Xbox over the issue they tell you a coms ban should not affect playing online games… but when I load up my online server I get a message from the game telling me I am unable to access online features due to my sharing settings … is this a game problem ? I found a thread on here from july about the same problem but no answers anywhere … Xbox support say there is no reason they can see as to why I should not be able to join online even with the communication ban

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.get a coms ban
2.try play Conan

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Ahh that’s harsh lol … the bugs and stuff I can deal with :joy: it’s the not even been able to join that’s gets annoying … especially when you get coms ban because of salty players

I have not done much research here, just googled your issue (I’m glad you searched the forums).

This thread on Microsoft’s support forums says two things:

  1. Log in and check your Enforcement history (and to contact their Enforcement team, which I assume Xbox support has redirected you to.)
  2. That games that allow you to share content may have this problem.

A reply to this reddit posts should quote (except the permanent part, don’t mind the entirety of it all) that this does enclude content sharing

Temporary suspension impact: For the duration of the suspension this account cannot use Xbox Live communication features, including in-game and party chat, messaging, video communications, gameplay broadcasting, sharing content, and Skype on Xbox One.

Okay, you can’t ask for a case review for a 24 hrs suspension and some other things…, not that that will help here.

So, after more searching on google, by date etc. there’s very little to be found on this issue. It may be the content sharing, but I can’t be sure. Sorry that I can’t be of more help here (after all I’m not someone who knows this stuff)

Please don’t put any anger into your keyboard or any physical or non-…well anything - I hope this will get fixed for you at some point :wink:
Try seeing the Enforcement history for how long it’ll take, contact enforcement support if you haven’t and try getting a case review if you think it is not a legit ban. Otherwise I wouldn’t know.

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So some one from funcom read the thread but decided to delete a comment instead of answer😢 it is most definitely a game problem… Xbox support (and enforcement)was very helpful for once lol and they confirmed several times I should be able play and if I can not it is down to the game settings…the ban was only for a day but I have previously had week bans for posting Conan clips with nudity enabled ( my bad I learnt my mistake ) and had the same problem … XBOX does not stop you playing online games with just a 24 hour coms ban !


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