@community HUGE BUILD fell apart before my eyes, from 167 hours to "abandon" instantly!

offical PVE #1745
huge build fell apart before my eyes, i have pictures, the timer dropped from 167 to 22 when i broke the old foundation pieces, but then after last old piece, it said abandoned and the entire new huge structure collapsed, fell apart before my eyes - poof gone!
PvE official, Exiled Lands

[timer dropped from 167 to 22 to 0]

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. I rebuilt my Northern base, added on a massive structure.
  2. Demolished orignial old build after new build.
  3. The timer dropped from 167 to 22, then when I broke the last old building piece, the entire “new” structure fell apart before my eyes.
  4. Dec. 20 approximately 7:35 pm Mountain time.

Tall black ice buiding old structure, everything else new structure. Demolished black ice, then “everything” disappeared instantly :frowning: Why? Foundations were numerous, why when old one dismantled new one disappeared?

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We’ve seen this many times on our private server too, has been the cause of many long standing players deserting the game, how do you mentally recover from a bug like this and want to continue playing.

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I have not experienced this issue before, but perhaps, when building new structures to replace an existing base then check the state of your build by logging out and back to the main menu and back in to check nothing despawns?

Funcom will need to verify that this is a glitch and based on something like player bases being stored in RAM, but when you deleted the last part of the original base, some setting that was tracking the original build cleared the memory cache without checking that you’d added new build stuff. This is pure speculation on my side so FunCom will have to verify (I know that several updates in the past were to make player bases spawn in faster when you approach your base (they used to spawn in slowly so you could see everything inside before the walls finished spawning in - which was not good for players being raised).

Did you have pillars mostly supporting your base? I had a situation like that where i built on water and used pillars under water to hold up the base.

Correct me if i’m wrong, but is your outer wall not on top of foundations?

Outer perimeter wall is all fence foundations. That evaporated too. Only thing that didn’t evaporated were the spikes on the outside around the fence foundations.

Thanks PitMonk. So disheartening for sure.

I’m looking for literature, can’t find anything. Even if it put the entire area in “abandoned” state, it should have at least given me 24 hours!

reply posted above, thanks

The last old piece broken, all new build still standing; log literally gave me 38 seconds before everything was gone!. Is this normal?

Not normal at all. ya i’m not sure what happened here.

I have 7 screenshots of logs, showing when I was dismantling old base, and how it changed from dismantle to decay to abandon in the realm of 5 minutes; then completely destroying my new buildings. Everything poof into thin air. If Funcomm has any interest in the pictures, I can post. Not sure how this procedure works here. Thanks all.

ok, just went on server to check things out (still have a south base); rechecked log, it’s totally missing from the mishap Dec. 20 the time of the evaporation event, log is completely missing. What does that mean?


Did you max the sliders and press submit?

Again, this time on Siptah.
Yesterday we rebooted the server and immediately on logging in, players reporting their bases have vanished over night.
I can understand why my players have moved on from all this.

Ugh, so disheartening. I guess if it can’t be fixed, no point in hoping or waiting, definitely move on. Sad to hear that PitMonk.

I left it at 7 days and hit submit yes, that is a pic before I rechecked the log, and only that day/time of the mishap has disappeared now, it’s not showing at all!

Did you max the range?

Well I left it at 7 days because I was only looking at log for a particular day. Do I need to max the range if I’m only looking at Dec. 20?

I am talking about “proximity”.

Hello Narelle,

I put the proximty setting max, and also days passed max. I cannot view anything now prior to the event, the logs are not there, and most logs from the evaporation event at 7:35:09 pm December 20 are gone! Also, some of the items that were still standing that I managed to pick up (pallisades) now say they will abandon at 2021-05-20, but they no longer exist. All so very strange.