Lousy uptade.Give my time and effort back.This is dishonorable, dishonest

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The huge castle, which I built alone for months, was deleted with an update. I gave my time, I gave my time that cannot be taken back. Don’t you have honor, moralty, dignity? I have adjusted every inch. How will I spend time and effort back?

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No, it wasn’t purge. When I entered it, it suddenly collapsed in front of my eyes and there was not even one object left. Purge something remains, but it was erased with nothing left.

Even where I stepped was completely gone. My level 3 home is gone, leaving nothing behind.

Hey @Sirius

Sorry to hear you lost your building. Although we cannot refund the loss of materials, we can try to determine the issue that caused it and potentially fixing it if you could give us any extra information that could help our team look into it.
Could you check your event log and see if you spot anything in there that could explain this loss of structures?
Thanks in advance.

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I got into the game and everything started to collapse. The slightest thing is left. I did not even step directly, everything was destroyed. No object left. I don’t know how I can give more information.

New users cannot upload images. When this passes, I’ll upload 11 here. I have never encountered such a ridiculous situation in my life. Did the person who made the update throw his brain in a corner?

Black Ice-Reinforced Wooden Foundation owned by Sirius has lost stability. (1038) WTFFFFF WTFFFF WTFFFF RLLLYYY.THİS İS A SHİTTTTT JUST BULLSHİTTTT. Just one post from just one of these 11 screenshots.

U just exceeded your decay timer… The base renders as the cache remembers it and when its time to be loaded , it will just vanish leaving behind only sime lootbags . I bet u had more than 168 hrs to log in

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I think Ragnaguard is probably right. If you play on an official server, you have to log in every 6 days to keep your buildings alive. In single player or on many dedicated (non-official) servers, the decay timer is turned off, so buildings will not destroy over time if you forget to log in.

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If this is you, it seems that you haven’t played for 10 days+ so yeah it is likely not the update but your inactivity. Double check your event log for decay entries. Either way as Ignasis mentioned, your base is gone, not much you can do about it


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BE very nice if new people were told about decay at the start of a game , maybe put something in or any heads up at all other then losing their whole build in my mind anyway this seems a harsh way to find out about decay. Not everyone comes to the Forums and to be honest I find no where in game where it even hints at decay.


I’ve been playing for months, I know what rotting is. Do not speak empty.

I agree with what u r saying… The decay timmer should be a message that would acompany every new character entrance… It is poorly communicated and a great frustration source even when u r aware of it… On the other hand, if u ever encounter a troll in an official pve server u may understand its cause and how usefull it is … btw @ OP i am sry for ur loss… Hop in 1005 and will help u out to a new start… Will be on on Saturday

Please remain civil and respectful to other members of this community. While frustration is understandable, resorting to insults to other players who are trying to help is not okay.


As a result, no useful benefit has ever been touched by anyone. I was left with my labor wasted. You are a bad company that doesn’t respect human labor and time! I wrote here in vain. Why is this place? If it can’t solve the problem. So that we can come here and cry in vain? .

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