Compensation for our loss of time altar of faith

Hey exiles and mainly our conan exiles team i am a big fan of your game and due to recent events me and many others have suffered the loss of time loss of items, buildings, followers etc now i personally think giving us double xp is pretty unfortunate so i have an idea which i think might be more appropriate for our loss but im mainly focused on followers as i have lost all of my followers on both exiled lands and isle of siptah which too me an insane amount of time leveling them making them armors keeping them alive and getting them

My idea for this is to have a free item from the bazaar that we can choose on our own and an (altar of faith) where we can get depending which religion we got we can summon followers from that religion its basically a leyshrine from siptah but we can choose who we want to summon and all it costs are resources to make that certain follower lets say for the north we can make frost giants with black ice and all that stuff so then they are easier to obtain but we still can work for it that way we can rebuild have more follower options and can experiment new things with the new followers we have in this age of war

How hard can it be to basically just make enemies friendly for us to fight with



Not happening.

Out of everything they got u think one item is the end of the world?

Very supportive clearly u have lost nothing

What funcom did is what was going to have the least cost.

What do you mean?

Funcoms compensation for years of lost play is to pump up some in game settings, which costs them nothing. Anything more then that will cost them further man hours.

I feel for you all. I understand people lost unique items that can’t be or can’t easily be replaced. I don’t agree with what funcom has done as compensation, but I don’t see them doing any more.

No, I didn’t lose anything, I don’t like the nemedian{?} foundations so never use them. But then I have nothing unique to lose.


And thats what i mean i think its time we so get something because this is genuinely painful this has been my first time i lost alot and im not waiting on a second buffing up some setting i can do myself on singleplayer but that doesnt make me feel any better yes i can spawn all of my followers again but first off it wont feel legit second off i still have ti level them up and give them armors i think its fair we get a good compensation as i have lost more then 400 hours on my maps as i continiously kept making and cresting and taming

It’s not about being supportive, it’s about being realistic. Funcom is simply not going to do that :man_shrugging:

Honestly, I don’t even know why you proposed the “free Bazaar item” idea. Do you really think that one free item from the Bazaar is an adequate compensation for all those hours you lost? You spent “more than 400 hours” building and crafting and breaking thralls and leveling them, and a cosmetic suit of armor is going to replace all that?

If you’re going to propose solutions, make sure those are related to the problem.

Speaking of which:

A little bit of punctuation would have been nice, but I managed to read through that. However, I’m still not sure what you’re actually asking them to do. Is it like a Siptah leyshrine, where you summon hostile NPCs and then knock them out? Or is it like a golem crafting bench, but for other NPCs? I’m asking, because the bit about the “frost giants” and “black ice” is rather confusing: you can’t knock out frost giants, those are summoned by the horn that Ladagara drops.

He probably means materials to activate the shrine instead of the essences we use on Siptah, @CodeMage . Diferent mats for different factions, maybe?
I wouldn’t mind having a way to summon surges on the EL. They were very profitable and fun.

I mean it in the way of its a summoning altar so you craft anything that lives on the game so what i meant with the frost giants is that if you make a summoning altar you can craft all kinds of npc frost giants for example can be crafted by getting black ice, blood, bones, etc or first men is bones, a torch, blood, stone etc

Look and with supportive i mean just say u agree or u dont either way i respect ur answer but honestly ur rigjt ofcourse it wont compensate losing so much

But it sure as hell is way better then getting some double xp like what

Atleast a free item from the store of choice gives us the ability to get something we like and the sumonning altar gives us a new experience and a quicker way of getting new thralls to level up and experiment with thats all i mean

So you want them to give us a way to craft fully tamed followers? Like the golem assembly bench?

Um, don’t take this wrong, but that ain’t gonna happen either. It’s way too “unbalanced”, for lack of a better word.

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Basically yes and with the unbalanced feel its just a grind to get the resources to make them but yeah not everyone has the feel for it thats why its an optional thing

No, it’s unbalanced because it completely removes the need to go hunting for followers. Basically, it makes a huge portion of the content completely irrelevant. You won’t have to go visit the NPC settlements anymore.

I don’t know if you’ve read the developer letter that Dennis wrote about the Age of War changes, but you’re basically proposing the exact opposite of what he’s trying to achieve.

Your proposal is not a good idea even on its own merits, but even if it was, I wouldn’t hold my breath when proposing something that goes against what the lead game designer is trying to accomplish.

Good morning .
I understand and respect the penalty and the anger of those who are part of us who have lost week, months and years of effort.
I am as you are saddened (it is an understatement) by the fully out of the words of Funcom following this bugg which in a company respectful of its customers would simply not have been now.
It is now 6 years old that I play in Conan Exiles, I lost all my enslaved NPCs when they put in place the food system then some time later (maj on the crafts) I lost all my base .
I know by Experience that Funcom will not do more than what they do, their answers is laughable compared to the hours invested.
But think that they will give more (especially the content of the battle pass) and all the more laughable.
Do not see in my words any insults or lack of respect but Funcom unfortunately has us used to the worst.

The only thing I saw Funcom give us for free was the 5th Annivarsary Cake :expressionless:

Well it dont really matter anyways ive restarted the map and i will just start again

So, you wanna play Dr. Frankenstein. :smile: