Let us test the bazaar items on testlive!

Since you seem to be incapable of testing them yourselves and providing expected quality, I suggest you unlock all bazaar items on testlive accounts for this specific testlive period.

There is so much P2W in the bazaar and store, yet you LIED to us that there won’t be any P2W.

Here is a list of P2W things from the bazaar and BP:

140k wall building pieces that give an advantage in PvP
200k wall/foundation building pieces that also give an advantage in PvP (hello old drawbridge)
a fox “skin” that is invulnerable to normal attacks
an epic armor set that is crafted like non epic
an armor set that gives more stamina bonus than any vanilla armor in the game
and now a smaller thrall breaker that is more place efficient than a normal T1 wheel of pain



I agree - there should be ALL items, ALL feats from all DLCs available in admin mode in testlive version.


I agree 200% with u mate!
I made a few videos on the subject already:

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Wow 3 Weeks and they didn’t manage to fix it.
Its soo sad, i love this game but its getting worse - they suspossed to have more care for game when going more aggresive business model. :confused:

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Yup I mean Conan Exiles is the game that actually keep Funcom in the market. Nobody gives 2 sh…ts about their previous, nor upcoming games, still they dont give the game decent servers, and they spend more money on censoring feedbacks than listening to their community;


Anoter thing we’ve done is convince private server admins to ban battleepass from their seervers. Atm it’s still work in progress, but on their next wipe most European, and Russsian servers will ban battlepass structures, and most of them already banned the fox. If u know some admins, talk to them about it, cause we cant be sure Funcom will solve anything. You can use my video to show them the problems.


Did they even try is the question. And do they care :slight_smile:

Again, not wholly convinced all of this actually is P2W , I just think Funcom haven’t tested these things out properly. So, with that in mind, I think your suggestion is actually pretty sound.

Makes sense to me, it would probably help cut down on any future headaches…

This can be solved by making a gibbet free in the next battle pass. Maybe a less detailed, simpler version with the same footprint.

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