Conan "ALMOST" The perfect game for survival!

Hey. I played on Testlive. Conan is currently the best survivor, the best combat system and the best mechanics of construction. But there are moments in which Conan is inferior.

  1. AI NPCs are really stupid, but they run less in the sky and teleport, but it’s still there, at the moment they do not pose a threat, they are easy to kill and deceive, they need a brain, a clever brain.
  2. Conan does not have the domestication of animals, but there are slaves who, frankly speaking, in terms of protecting the base, are useless. Because they are stupid. As satellites too, they will begin to attack only when you are hit, you need a function to guide the slave into an attack.
  3. I’m always funny how in fast slots are different types of weapons and the character gets them as if from a pocket. Why can not we watch our weapons behind our backs? and to add animation capture from the back, so it would be much steeper.
  4. At the moment, PVP lasts until the moment when the medicinal potions / food are finished sooner. I see a solution in the addition of a 15 second cooldown between acceptance. And Reduce the rate of health replenishment from them.
  5. It is necessary to solve something with bases in the inaccessibility of players and gods. On rocks, in textures. It is necessary to limit the height of the building. At the start there will be a race who will quickly take the highest rock and rule. It is not right.
    Thanks for reading GG WP!