Conan Asia & Oceania Server (No mods)

Server IP:

Server Description
We got tired of the pillar spamming and griefing on official PVP servers, so we decided to start our own server, where people can play together without discrimination. Our objective is to develop a strong and mature community where everyone can feel included, play without grinding too much, and engage in raids w/o fear of losing everything. Some in-game events include gladiatorial matches, climbing races, maze runs, and server-wide raids.

Server Specifications:
Server Location: Singapore
Server Time: +8 GMT
PVP: Always On
Raids: 6 PM- 10 PM
Purges: 6 PM- 10 PM
Experience: X2
Gathering: X3
Max Clan Size: 4 members
NPCs: Slightly Strengthened
Resource/NPC Respawn: X2 longer (to encourage exploration)
Nudity: Full (optional)

No racism and bullying
No using of exploits/ bugs
No pillar/foundation spamming
No blocking of major resources/obelisks
No actively rebuilding walls/base when a PVP raid is in progress. Please only do so when ~10 mins have passed since the last attack.
No major bases within the Volcano
No “un-raidable” sky towers (can be hard, but if a trebuchet needs to be elevated by ~40 walls/pillars that’s too much) sample

There are several admins, to help advertise and maintain the server (although help with advertising is always appreciated). But there is only ONE in-game administrator with a separate Steam account, aptly named “Conan Admin” and “The Gamemaster” in game. This is the only account with the ability to perform as an in-game administrator and will be the account used to create public venues and host events. This way you can rest easy knowing that there will be no admin abuse within the game.

6 months has been paid in advance on the server to guarantee longevity (December 15, 2018), which will be renewed or passed on to another administrator if so desired.