Conan DLC on Sale until August 20th

The Season bundles are on sale for PS4 at $20.99 apiece.

Pretty good deal as you are saving around 50% off the single piece prices, and 33% off the normal bundle price.

So it’s a good time to pick them up, if you don’t get the Runner Up in the Tiny Homes competition.


Fix the game and i’ll consider it

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Why so much cheaper than $29.94 for PC? Seems pretty unfair. You guys not like PC players?
And every other game I buy a season pass for I get ALL DLC for every year, not just 1 year.

Not worth it. The first season is mostly just pointless, and we haven’t even heard anything about the rest second season.

They should have saved the sale until they had something new to announce.

I think it’s worth it.

You get a ton of new building pieces to use.
You get new pet skins with two of the four.
You get a ton of new placeables with the other two.

While I wouldn’t pay $10 apiece for them, and wouldn’t pay $30 for the bundle, $21 is far more reasonable for what is being given.

The second season is probably going to be the same as the first. More placeables, more building styles, more pet skins.


The problem is those “building materials” are just skins, but their styles aren’t really that compelling. Most of the time if you like one style you’re going to want to stick with only that one, so the rest in the pack go to waste. To make matters worse, they can only be built as T3s which makes them really expensive to just play around with.

The skin pets are mostly bad too. Most of them don’t change the looks of the pets that much, and pets being mostly worthless compared to thralls really reduces the value of those skins. The animal skins should make more drastic changes to the animals. The only one with good animal skins is the Seekers of the Dawn pack.

Like I said before, I would have preferred to buy a pack more closely related to the Hyperborean Slaver Armor’s style. Something you could imaging building a castle that Skeletor and Evil-Lyn from He-Man would hangout in.

Funny you say it’s worthless, because you’re the one who made a thread about how the dlc is pay to win

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I was waiting for someone to mention that.

Like I said, I don’t support pay to win. You shouldn’t have to pay for an advantage you can’t reasonably get otherwise. What makes things even worse is when it is just a solution to a manufactured problem.

They designed the problem, then try to sell you the solution to that problem (no free encumbrance cold-resistance armor). When people don’t bite, they make the problem worse (changing the way temperature damage works, nerfing bearer thralls, etc) hoping people will finally give in to the tactic,

I don’t consider that real worth.

I’d tell you why it’s not pay to win, but that would derail the thread and make it 400 long like that other one

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Unless you tell me that they added a cold version of the medium armor, you really can’t, just like you couldn’t in the thread that they closed because they also knew you couldn’t.

Also saying you aren’t trying to derail the thread after trying to derail it with flamebait doesn’t really change anything.

And that’s why everybody was frustrated with you and nobody vocal took your side. I only pointed out how you said something different because it was funny.

And by saying I’m derailing the thread with flame bait, you’re setting some flame bait of your own. I’m not gonna derail anymore

This is how I imagine the OP right now after he thought it would be nice to post a thread letting people know the DLC are on sale:

they need to create another black ice foundation with imbued heat system so peole can craft it with black ice or obsidian.

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