DLC Sale on PS4

I own CE on PC and PS4. Love it alot even with the bugs, mostly play on PS4 now as that’s where my mates play.

Can we get a sale/promo for DLC packs?At £7.99 a pack I’m not overly interested but if they go on Sale for say £3.99 ill buy them all.

Another option how about bundling up all 4, year 1 DLCs into a bundle priced at £19.99.

Just some ideas to temp more sales maybe, as the main game goes on sale every couple months atteacting new players but how about a DLC sale to boost revenue from your existing players.


I’d definitely pick up all four if I could get them bundled at $19.99 USD.

As it stands now at the $9.99 price, I might get one next month, and probably the others staggered out over time, depends on whether I get bored with the game first or not really.

But as it stands, it’s hard to justify $40 for mostly cosmetic pieces.

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Console definitely needs a dlc sale pc had one not too long ago cross our fingers they actually have a dlc sale.

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