Can I buy the "Year X DLC Bundle" on Steam?

I bought both packs (Year 1 and 2) on PSN for Playstation, and I found out that it’s also possible to buy it on Epic Games for the PC version. But when I search on Steam, I only find each DLC individually. Is it possible to buy the packs on Steam? My base game was bought on Steam. Thanks

Yep, just search for the Conan Exiles: Complete Edition.

Ah, I might be wrong here, you might not see it because you already own the base game. But still there must be an purchase option for all DLC’s excluding the base game on game’s main page.

Thanks for the help! I found the complete edition on steam, with the base game included. But buying it, I would pay twice for the base game. Also, I don’t intend to buy Siptah, just the cosmetic packs. The ideal would be the packs sold on Epic and PSN, because with the pack, I would pay about 25% less than bying it individually. I was confused by this pack being sold on other stores but not on steam.

If you own the game on steam the bundle price will be adjusted when you check it with you account. On steam all we have is complete edition as there will be no more DLCs coming on steam.

Thanks, @Narelle . You are right. As soon as I added to cart, Steam removed the base game and applied the 10% discount considering just the DLCs.

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